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Sample single best answer questions

1. 1. A 17 year boy attends the Emergency Department having been taken ill whilst playing football. He had a sudden onset of left-sided chest pain followed by severe and persistent breathlessness.

What is the SINGLE investigation most likely to provide a definitive diagnosis?

A Blood gases
B Chest x-ray
C Echocardiogram
D Electrocardiogram (ECG)
E Pulmonary function tests

2. 2. An 85 year old man has been admitted as an emergency with fever and delirium. He has dysuria and frequency. He has a blood pressure (BP) of 70/50 mmHg and a temperature of 38.6oC. His serum creatinine is 620 Ámol/L and his serum urea is 46 mmol/L. He weighs 80 kg. The microbiologist recommends the prescription of gentamicin.

What is the SINGLE most appropriate dose of gentamicin?

40 mg single dose
B. 40 mg once daily
C. 80 mg 8 hourly
D. 80 mg 12 hourly
E. 160 mg single dose


3. 3. A 55 year old man has recently noticed a lump in his right groin. He has a persistent cough and has previously had an appendicectomy. He smokes 25 cigarettes a day.

What is the SINGLE most likely diagnosis?

A. Epigastric hernia
B. Femoral hernia
C. Incisional hernia
D. Inguinal hernia
E. Spigelian hernia

4. 4. A 58 year old woman has had vaginal bleeding for one week. Digital vaginal examination is normal. She is post-menopausal.

What is the SINGLE most appropriate diagnostic test?

A. Cervical smear
B. Endometrial aspiration
C. Plasma oestrogen
D. Serum FSH/LH levels
E. Transvaginal ultrasound scan


5. A two year old boy has been brought to the Emergency Department by his mother. He has been unable to bear weight since a fall from a chair last night. He is tender over the mid-tibia but there is no obvious limb deformity.

What is the SINGLE most likely radiographic appearance of the fracture?

A. Angulated fracture
B. Compound fracture
C. Epiphyseal fracture
D. No fracture likely
E. Spiral fracture


6. An 83 year old woman who was admitted with a chest infection has become confused with poor concentration. She is restless and frightened. She is verbally abusive and has perceptual abnormalities. She has no significant previous psychiatric history.

What is the SINGLE most likely diagnosis?

A. Acute confusional state
B. Drug induced psychosis
C. Lewy body dementia
D. Multi-infarct dementia
E. Psychotic depression


7. A 32 year old woman was painting her bathroom when she experienced a sudden, severe headache, vomited and collapsed hitting her head. She has been brought to the Emergency Department. She now has a Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) score of 15, a temperature of 37.7o C, a blood pressure of 145/85 mmHg and a pulse rate of 70 beats/minute. Her physical examination is normal apart from an abrasion over her right temple.

What is the SINGLE most appropriate initial management?


A. Admit for head injury observation
B. Carboxyhaemoglobin level
C. Computed tomography (CT) scan of the brain
D. Lumbar puncture
E. Skull x-ray

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