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Ex.5.4. Look at the pictures and indentify the type of trenchers (wheel or chain-type), and then label their parts with the words from the box.

rubber tires blade digging chain boom toothed wheel tracks


Do these trenchers have any backfilling attachments?


Ex. 5.4. Put each word in the correct blank to get a short description of trenchers.

1) installing drainage / trencher

A ________ digs trenches for laying pipes or cables, for ________.

2) implement / hardness

Depending on the ________ of the surface to be cut, trenchers may use a different digging ________.

3) wheel / chain-type

A ________ trencher is cheaper to operate and maintain than ________ trenchers.

4) rubber tires /rock wheel

A ________ may be mounted on tracks or ________.

5) boom / digging chain

A chain trencher cuts with a ________ that is driven around a ________.

6) excavated materials / conveyor belt

A ________ reversible either on the right or on the left removes the ________.

Ex. 5.5. What are the characteristics of different types of trenchers? Match the parts of the sentences referring to the text.

    replacing the teeth almost every day.
The design of the wheel cannot cut the operator to reach variable cutting depths.
The teeth on the wheel are at a fixed angle while the machine moves slowly cutting a trench.
A machine under heavy use allows more or less densified depending on the ground that they will encounter..
The boom can be removable and made of cemented carbide or high strength steel.
Conventional trench digging equipment is held a trench with small dimensions like microtrenchers can.
  requires easily changed manually allowing the operator to adjust different cutting width on the same wheel.

Ex. 5.6. What have you learned about trenchers? Replace the words printed in italics with the right words from the box.

manually boom backfillers drainage maintained design

1. Trenchers are often used when used when installing a system of pipes for removing excess water.

2. These machines can dig narrow and deep trenches thanks to their arrangement of parts.

3. In chain trenchers, the angle of the rounded metal frame can be adjusted to control the cutting depth.

4. The desired excavation attachment position can be changed by hands.

5. Fitting trenchers with implements for returning soil and other materials to the trench after it was dug reduces the number of machines on the site.

6. Trenchers, like any other machine, should be kept in good condition by making repairs if they are to perform at their peak level.

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