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Delivery and shipment

At a passport and customs desk

ó Your passport, please. How long are you planning to stay in the country?

ó Three weeks. Could I prolong my entrance visa in case of necessity?

-Sure. The receiving party shall take care of it.

ó Well, bags on the table and your customs form, please.

ó How much do they weight?

ó 23 kilos. I'm sorry, but you'll have to pay an excess luggage charge.

ó Oh! It's only three kilos over≠weight.

ó Yes, sir...that's £6... Thank you. Here's your form.

ó Thank you.

ó Not at all. The next please.


Riding a city bus

- Pardon me, do the buses to Three Bridges railway station stop here?

- Yes, they stop at the corner. You can take any bus except number 420.

- How often do the buses run?

ó They are supposed to ran according to the schedule that you can see over there. But in fact, they don't always run on schedule.

- What are the usual intervals between bus arrivals?

- About 15 minutes. But you won't have to wait any longer. Bus number 405 is coming. You can take it.


Buying a ticket

- I want a ticket to Bern, second-class, please,

- Single or return? - ¬ ÓšŤŪ ÍÓŪŚŲ ŤŽŤ Úůšŗ-ÓŠūŗÚŪÓ?

- Return, please

- Sixty-five pounds, please. Five pounds change, thank you.

- Could you tell me what time the next train is?

- 8 oíclock, platform 12. If you hurry youíll just catch it.

- Thanks.


4 . Thinking of presents

-Are you doing anything this weekend?

- No, I'm free, unless something crops up. Why? What do you have in mind?

- I'm thinking of getting Vishnu a present. Would you like to chip in?

- Sure, why not? Where do you plan to go?

- I thought of going to Parkson Complex. It's a stone's throw away. Besides, the prices are reasonable.

- That's great! I'm trying to cut down on my monthly expenses.

At the railway station.

A.: I'd like two tickets to Norwich, please.

B.: That's $26.40, please.\

A.: Thank you.

B.: Thank you.

A.: What time is the next train to Oxford, please?

B.: There's one at 3.45, change in Didcot, arriving at Oxford at 5.04, or there's a direct at 3.49, arriving at 4.50.

A.: Which platform for the 3.45?

B.: Platform 6.

A.: Thank you very much.

A.: I'd like a ticket to Newcastle, please.

B.: Single or return?

A.: Single.

B.: Smoking or non-smoking?

A.: Non-smoking, please.

B.: That'll be 15 euro, please.


At the airport

Keiko: Passport and boarding pass, please.

Sam: Here is my passport, and my ticket.

Keiko: Where are you headed today?

Sam: I am going to London for a conference.

Keiko: How long will you be staying.

Sam: For five days.

Keiko: Thank you. How many bags are you bringing today, sir?

Sam: I want to check the large suitcase, and I want to carry the smaller one on with me.

Keiko: I will weigh them. Everything is fine. What seat would you like: window or aisle?

Sam: Window, please.

Keiko: No problem. And what do you want for your meal? Chicken or fish?

Sam: I would like fish, please.

Keiko: Good. Your seat is reserved. You can go to gate B 11.

Keiko: Thank you. Goodbye.


Delivery and shipment


8 .Business trip

- How did your business trip go? It was your first one overseas, right?

- Well, I came back with mixed results. We got some business but we didn't get the big deal we were expecting.

- That was going to be with the Savory Corporation, wasn't it?

- That's right. It was frustrating. We seemed to be making good progress in the negotiation and then they began to stall.

- Any idea why they were stalling?

- We weren't sure, but I've since learned that our biggest competitor was there at the same time as we were.

- Maybe they were talking to them the same time as negotiating with you.

- I think that's pretty likely.



- Excuse me.

- Can I help you?

- Yes, Iím looking for a sweater.

- How about this one?

- Yes, thatís nice. Can I try it on?

- Certainly,thereís the fitting rooms over there.

- Thank you.

-How does it fit?

- Thatís fine. How much is it?

- It costs $40.

-Great! Iíll take it.

- OK, how would you like to pay?

- Do you take credit cards?

- Yes, we do. Visa and Master Card.

- OK, hereís my Visa.

- Thank you. Have a nice day!

- Thank you, bye.


At the local bank

- Good morning. Can I help you?

- Yes. My name is Brown. I'm expecting money from my bank in Montreal.

​​​​- By post, cable or telex, sir?

- By telex.

- Just a moment, I'll check it. Are you Jack Brown?

- Quite right.

- Yes. There's 800 dollars from the Royal Bank of Canada, Montreal. Have you got any identification, sir?

- Yes, I've got my passport. Here you are.

- Thank you, sir.



At the post office

Boris: I would like to mail this parcel by fourth class mail.

Clerk:-What's in the parcel?

B:-Nothing but books. The parcel should be mailed by books rate.

C:-(weighs the parcel).Four pounds. It would cost $1.95.

B:-How long does it take for a parcel to arrive in San Francisco?

C:- Fourth class mail takes about 15 days to arrive.

B:- Okay (pays for postage).I have a problem.I'll be out of town next week. Can you hold my mail for me at the post office? I'll pick it up when I get back.

C:-Yes,we can do that. You have to fill out this form.Bring it back to me.




Secretary: Good morning. Presidentís office. How can I help you?

Vladimir: Hello. Iíd like to speak to George W., please.

Secretary: May I ask whoís calling?

Vladimir: Itís Vladimir.

Secretary: Could you tell me what itís about?

Vladimir: No, Iíd like to speak to him personally.

Secretary: Just hold on, pleaseÖ Iím sorry. Heís busy at the moment. Would you like to speak to somebody else?

Vladimir: No, I have to speak to George W.

Secretary: O.K. Can I take a message or shall I ask him to call you back?

Vladimir: Could you tell him I called and Iíd be grateful if heíd call me back. Iíll be in my office all morning.

Secretary: Does he have your number?

Vladimir: Yes, but just in case, Iíll give it to you. Itís (001) 202-123-4567.

Secretary: So, thatís (001) 202-123-4567.

Vladimir: Thatís right.

Secretary: O.K., Iíll give him your message. Goodbye.

Vladimir: Thank you. Goodbye.


At the office

I.: We sent you our enquiry for Model FK Ė 15 last month. We are interested in it because we are going to use it in our computer class.

Br.: Have you got all necessary materials?

I.: Iíve gone through your catalogues and price Ė lists. I suppose (believe) we can buy from you 6 Models FK-15 (& 6 Models FK-20). But there is one

point, your prices are too high, Iím afraid.

Br.: I see. But our goods are in great demand and we usually sell them at these prices. Besides, we have sold FK-Models at these prices lately. Iím afraid we canít reduce them. But we can offer you the goods c.i.f. Moscow.

I.: Well, Iíll have to contact our director and let him know your answer. I hope heíll find that your terms are acceptable to us.

Br.: When do you require the equipment?

I.: Weíd like to have them in June.

Br.: Thatís all right. Can I see you on Tuesday?

I.: Of course. Is 11.00 convenient to you?

Br.: Any time you say.

I.: Good-bye.

Br.: Good-bye.


Hotel services

Clerk: Hi! Can I help you?

Martin: Yes, we had a reservation for this weekend.

C.:All right, what was the name, sir?

M.: Baum, Martin Baum.

C.: Baum . . . Baum . . . oh, yes, here it is. A double for two nights?

M.: Yes, thatís right. But we were wondering . . . would you happen to have a suite available this weekend, something with a living area and a kitchenette?

C.: Well, the only one thatís available this weekend is the executive suite, and thatíll run you $140 a night.

M.: I see. Thatís pretty high . . .

C.: You know, sir, this double is more than twenty feet square, and it has a refrigerator.

M.: Oh, really? That sounds fine, then. What do you say, Sally?

Sally: Sounds good to me, too.

C.: Good, the double then. Do you have a credit card, sir?

M.: No, Iíll be paying cash

C.: Then Iíll have to ask you to pay in advance. Fifty-five a night, plus $8 tax comes to $126. And would you fill out this registration form, please? Hereís a pen. Just your name, address, and the make and license number of your car.

M.: OK . . . here you are. And travelers checks for $130.

C.: Fine, Mr. Baum. Hereís $4 change. Check-out time is 12:00 noon. The bellman will take you up ... Harvey! Room 615 ... If you need anything, just let me know.

M.: Thank you. Good night.


The underground

- Excuse me, I'm afraid I'm lost. Can you help me?

- Where do you want to go?

- I am to be in Independence Square at 3 o'clock. I'm short of time

- Oh, yes. The quickest way to get there is by metro.

- Is there a metro station here?​

- Yes, go straight as far as the park and there you'll see the metro station.​

- Thanks a lot.​


A business talk

BORIS RUDAKOV: Good morning(good afternoon).May I speak to Mr.Wood?

SECRETARY: He is not in right now. Who is calling,please?

B.R.: This is Boris Rudakov.I have a letter from Mr.Wood asking me to call him for an interview appointment. He has my resume.

SECRETARY: Isee. Mr. Wood is out to lunch right now (in a meeting right now) but I expect him back very shortly.

B.R.: At what time would you suggest that I call back?

SECRETARY: He usually gets back to the office about two o'clock.May be it would be better if I have him call you. What's your telephone number?

B.R.: (718) 459-3243.

SECRETARY: Thank you,Mr. Rudakov. As soon as he's back, he will return your call.

B.R.: Thank you.




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