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They say young people pay a lot of attention to their style and want to be fashionable. What do you think about it?

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Letís talk about fashion/ What style in clothes do you prefer and why?

To begin with Iíd like to point out that fashion makes our life colorful. You can express your personality through fashion and you can show others how you feel about yourselves. They say , ď Good clothes open all doorsĒ The cleaner, nicer and more fashionable you look, the more you are likely to become popular. On the other hand there is a saying, Ē Donít judge a book by its colour .Ē

As for me, I like wearing different kinds of clothes, but certainly clothes should suit the occasion. When I plan what Iím going to wear I usually think what kind of meeting I am going to have. At school we arenít allowed to wear sport or bright clothes, we have to wear clothes of formal style. Usually I wear a jacket, a blouse and trousers or a skirt. I enjoy wearing clothes of different styles, It depends on my mood. Sometimes I wear something feminine a shirt or a dress, sometimes I prefer casual clothes such as jeans and sweaters. I donít like to wear high heeled shoes because it is not comfortable. When I go out I always dress up.

Do you follow the latest fashion trends? Why?

I donít follow the latest fashion because if you follow it you will be wearing the same clothes that many other people are wearing. I prefer to look unique .

What questions will you ask a fashion designer?

How did you become a fashion designer?

What qualities do you need to become a fashion designer?

What are the latest fashion trends?

What can you advise a person who wants to change something about his \her style but doesnít know how to do it?

It could be a good idea to learn about style. You can look through fashion magazines and see what clothes are in style now, watch celebrity news to see what celebrities are wearing . Look at regular people around you and examine what theyíre wearing. Go window-shopping. You may ask for advice a friend whose opinion you trust and who has a good fashion sense, but donít follow trends slavishly . Part of fashion sense is knowing what you want. You could watch some TV programmes such as Modnyi prigovoor where they give some advice on how to choose proper clothes. Keep an open mind and donít be afraid of changes.

They say young people pay a lot of attention to their style and want to be fashionable. What do you think about it?

It is not surprising that young people pay a lot of attention to their style. I think looking stylish and attractive helps young people to stand out of the crowd and feel more confident. But sometimes it turns out that teenagers end up wearing similar clothing. Some people look ridiculous trying to be fashionableÖ

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