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What did Mike do yesterday?

E.g. What does Marciaís mum want her to do first?

A:Marcia, can you come downstairs a minute, please?

B:Oh Mum! Iím really busy. Iíve got loads of homework to do.

A:I know that, but you should have started doing it earlier. Itís your turn to wash the dishes tonight.

B:Canít Trevor do it tonight?

A:Heís tidying his room at the moment. Come on! It will take 15 minutes max. Then you can do your homework afterwards.

B:Oh Mum!


What colour is Sonia going to paint her room?

A:Iím really bored with my bedroom so Iíve decided to paint it.

B:Really? But I think itís a lovely shade of yellow, Sonia.

A:Well, Iím sick of it. Itís been like this for ages. I want something more Ö I donít know Ö happy!

B:Why donít you paint it green like it was before?

A:No. Iíve already chosen the colour. Itís going to be blue this time.


Which sport does Frank want to participate in?

A:There are so many different sports on offer at the new sports centre.

B:Yes, youíre right, Frank. I called in there yesterday and signed up for swimming. The pool is huge!

A:Thatís a good idea, but I donít think Iíll have time for that.

B:They have great tennis courts too.

A:Thatís not really my cup of tea. Iím more of a football person. Thatís what Iím going to do.


What does Tim do to relax before exams?

A:Oh, Iím so stressed about these exams. So much depends on the results.

B:Well, youíre sure to do badly if you get really stressed. Try and calm down.

A:Itís easy for you to say, Tim. Youíve finished yours. Anyway, Iíve tried everything Ė exercise, going out with friends to the cinema Ė nothing works.

B:Well, when I was doing my exams last year, I was really nervous too, but you know what helped a lot?


B:A long hot bath the night before. I felt great afterwards.


What does Jennifer like most about the forest?

A:Oh, what a fantastic day! This was a great idea of yours, Jennifer, to go for a walk in the forest. Just breathe in that fresh air!

B:I always come here for a walk on Sundays if the weather is nice. Itís just so relaxing, listening to the sound of the breeze in the trees.

A:I never knew we had such a beautiful forest in our area.

B:And you should come early in the morning when the birds are singing. Itís just magical. Thatís the best thing.


What did Mike do yesterday?

A:Hey Mike, you look really suntanned. What were you up to over the weekend?

B:I had a great weekend. On Saturday, I went white-water rafting. That was some experience!

A:Iím sure it was. Those extreme sports give me a real thrill. Iíve even tried bungee jumping. Itís brilliant. But why are you so tanned? Were you at the beach?

B:No. Yesterday, I went mountain climbing with the mountaineering club. I was out in the sun all day.


TEST 5 A/B - Listening


Entertaining at home can be great fun but it can be stressful, too. Every host wants to treat their guests to a well presented and, it goes without saying, delicious meal. Iíd like to give you a few smart tips about how to be the host with the most so that you can dazzle your friends and enjoy yourself at the same time!

First of all, itís a good idea to give yourself plenty of preparation time. Donít leave things until the last minute. So, do your shopping the day before. Try to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere in your home. Lovely, fresh flowers are great. You could even get your florist to create some stunning designs for you. And donít forget to have lots of candles. Their soft, warm light will help your guests relax.

But the most important thing of all is the food! Keep it simple. Donít make anything that is too difficult Ė itís a recipe for disaster! Smoked salmon or prawns make a good starter and take next to no time to prepare. Remember: variety is the spice of life, so have lots of salad and fresh vegetables to go with your main meal. To end your evening, serve a good dessert and some fresh fruit.

If you donít think you can manage all this, then you can always call up one of the many catering companies listed in the phone book.

Have a go! Invite your friends around and be the centre of attention all evening.

Good luck!

If youíd like a copy of our free information leaflet, call Ö


TEST 6 A/B - Listening


Frank:Well, it was a fantastic day. After four long years of hard work, I was finally graduating. Everyone was very excited. They had prepared the main hall for the ceremony Ė thatís the one behind the canteen Ė and it looked great. I guess we all looked rather silly because we had to attend the ceremony in full graduation dress, but I suppose everyone goes through that! I got mine from Paxmans. It was really handy because they had a counter at the university on the day.

Anyway, my parents arrived and went and found their seats. I wanted to invite my girlfriend too, but we were only allowed two guests. I suppose I owed it to my parents, really, after all the help they had given me. Thankfully, my girlfriend didnít mind!

So, there we were, waiting for the ceremony to begin. It was supposed to start at 10 am but we had to be sitting down and ready by 9:45 am. None of us could sit still! Then the microphone wasnít working and it took ages to get a replacement. We eventually started at 10:15 with a speech by the Dean of the University, Mr Daniel OíHare. Then there were lots of other speeches by the Heads of Faculties. But, finally, it was our turn to go and collect our degrees. I remember looking at my mum as I got mine and saw the tears streaming down her face. She gets really emotional at times like these. Luckily, she had stopped crying by the time we went to have the official photos taken. They turned out really nice, actually. So, all in all, it was a brilliant day.


TEST 7 A/B - Listening


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