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Creativity Exercise

Vapor – moisture in the air that can be seen; fog, mist

a. Scientists have devised methods for trapping vapor in bottles so they can study its makeup.

b. He has gathered data on the amount of vapor rising from the swamp.

c. A vapor trail is the visible stream of moisture left by the engines of a jet flying at high altitude.

Eliminate – get rid of; remove; omit

a. When the railroad tracks are raised, the danger of crossing will be eliminated.

b. When figuring the cost of a car, don’t eliminate such extras as air conditioner.

c. If we were to eliminate all reclining chairs, no one would fall asleep while watching television.

Villain – a very wicked person

a. A typical moving picture villain gets killed at the end.

b. The villain concealed the corpse in the cellar.

c. When the villain fell down the well, everyone lived happily ever after.

Dense – closely packed together; thick

a. The dense leaves on the tree let in minimum of sunlight.

b. We couldn’t row because of the dense weeds in the lake.

c. His keen knife cut through the dense jungle.

Utilize – make use of

a. No one seems willing to utilize this vacant house.

b. The gardener was eager to utilize different flowers and blend them in order to beautify the boarders.

c. Does your mother utilize the leftovers in her cooking?

Humid – moist; damp

a. It was so humid in our classroom that we wished the school would buy an air conditioner.

b. New Yorkers usually complain in the summer of the humid air.

c. Most people believe that ocean air is quite humid.

Descend – go or come down from a higher place to a lower level

a. If we let the air out of a balloon, it will have to descend.

b. The pilot, thinking his plane was in peril, descended quickly.

c. Knowing her beau was waiting at the bottom of the staircase, Eleanor descended at once.

Circulate – go around; go from place to place or person to person

a. A fan may circulate the air in summer, but it doesn’t cool it.

b. My father circulated among the guests at the party and made them feel comfortable.

c. Hot water circulates through the pipes in the building, keeping the room warm.

Enormous – extremely large; huge

a. The enormous crab moved across the ocean floor in search of food.

b. Public hangings once drew enormous crowds.

c. The gallant knight drew his sword and killed the enormous dragon.

Predict – tell beforehand

a. Weathermen can predict the weather correctly most of the time.

b. Who can predict the winner of the Super Bowl this year.

c. Laura thought she could predict what I would do, but she was wrong.

Vanish – disappear; disappear suddenly

a. Even in California the sun will sometimes vanish behind the clouds.

b. Not even a powerful witch can make a jealous lover vanish.

c. Give him a week without a job and all his money will vanish.

Burden – what is carried; a load

a. The burden of the country’s safety is in the hands of the president.

b. Irma found the enormous box too much of a burden.

c. Ricky carried the burden throughout his college career.

Words in Use

Read the following passage to see how the new words are used in it.

A Fan in the Air

Fog, tiny droplets of water vapor, is the villain of the airports. In an effort to eliminate dense fog from airports, weathermen utilize giant fans, nylon strings, and chemicals dropped from planes or shot upwards from strange machines on the ground. Nothing works as well, though, as a new weapon in the fight against fog: the helicopter. Researchers believe that if warm dry air above the fog could somehow be driven down into the humid blanket of fog, the droplets would evaporate, thus clearing the air. In a recent experiment to test their theory, the researchers had a helicopter descend into the fog above barely visible Smith Mountain Airport near Roanoke, Virginia. The blades of the helicopter caused the air to circulate downwards and an enormous hole in the clouds opened above the airport. Weathermen predict that with larger, more expensive helicopters they will be able to make the thickest fog vanish.

Fill in the Blanks

Place one of the new words in each of the blanks below.


1. If we have one more hot, humid day, you will be able to persuade me to move to Alaska.

2. In the snow the magician waved his wand to make a lady vanish .

3. The hair on his head was so dense , a special pair of scissors was used to thin it.

4. Since he has passed all his subjects, I’ll predict that he will graduate.

5. The villain in the movie was played by an actor who was able to look mean.

6 A black vapor rose out of the valve on top of the steam engine.

7. The basketball player was enormous ; he could practically drop the ball through the hoop.

8. Making a living for his family was too much of a burden .

9. Why don’t you utilize all the space on that page?

10. Sooner or later the elevator will descend and we will be able to go up.

11. I heard a doctor on a television show say that if we eliminate one slice of bread each day, we’ll lose weight.

12. Copies of some magazines are so scarce, the librarian won’t allow them to circulate .

Creativity Exercise

Now make up your own sentences, one for each of the new words you have just been taught.


1. Water vapor is very important to the nature.

2. It’s better for my health to eliminate eating sweets.

3. Every villain can change his life.

4. It’s not easy to drive a car in a dense fog.

5. I can utilize my skills every day.

6. Hot and humid weather can cause illness.

7. You will see heaven open and the angels of God ascending and descending on the Son of Man.

8. The liquid can circulate throug a hole.
9. God gave to Samson an enormous physical strength.

10. Nobody could predict the end of the film.

11. Unfortunately the villain vanished in the crowd.

12. Christ's yoke is easy and his burden is light.

Picture It

Which of the words studied in this lesson is suggested by the picture?


predict; vanish

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