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C) Look at the table below. It features the most popular sentence and text linkers. Add more linkers from the text to the example lists.

addition what is more, in fact (find 3 more linkers)
contrast whereas, while, instead, on the other hand, though (find 5 more linkers)
enumeration to begin with, next (find 4 more linkers)
result as a result, thus, for this reason, therefore (find 1 more linker)

Choose the appropriate conjunction in each case.

1. I can't go to the cinema. I'm busy. Besides/however, I don't have any money.

2. Our situation was difficult, so/moreover we asked for help.

3. I'll offer it to Tom. However/for this reason, he may not want it. 4. Mike is not hard-working; nevertheless/while, he has managed to become a millionaire.

5. The film is boring; besides/yet people go to cinema to watch it. 6. The sun had set, yet/and it was still light outside.

7. We stayed up late, nevertheless/although we were tired.

8. The work was new to me. Also/Nevertheless, it did not seem difficult.

9. She is well-educated. Besides/However, she has very good manners.

5. a) Look through the statistics below. Do the statistics in the chart surprise you?

US teens activity matrix - how teens spend their spare time

By ZDNet Research | March 26, 2012, 2:10pm PST

What US teens do
Activity 12-17 Males Females 12-14 15-17
Reading a book 55% 44% 67% 57% 54%
Watching rented videos
Going to movies
Going to the mall
Downloading music
Playing video games
Going to museums, galleries
Playing sports

B) Join the sentences together using the given conjunctions.

1. They say adolescents are lazy. The most popular spare time activity among American teenagers is playing sports. (however)

2. Watching videos is one of the most popular activities in USA. 67 % of teenage girls prefer reading books to watching a movie. (nevertheless)

3. The most popular spare time activity among American teenagers is playing sports. The majority of teenage boys prefer playing video games. (although)

4. Playing sports is extremely popular among 12 to 14 year-olds. Far less adolescents in their late teens choose sports over more passive activities. (yet)

5. According to the statistics exercising and playing sports is one of the most popular spare time activities. Studies show that between 15 and 30 percent of adolescents in America are now overweight. (however)

C) Use the statistics chart and your own ideas to write more sentences that analyse the given information. Each of your statements has to include a conjunction.



Communicative area: taking part in a survey, reporting

Discuss in pairs whether the following statements are true for you and teenagers in your country.

1. You would prefer to use your free time constructively rather than hang about. 2. There are enough extracurricular activities in your school and area. 3. You spend too much time hanging out at home or with friends. 4. You would enjoy doing sports in your spare time. 5. You’d like to become a volunteer. 6. You have or would like to have a part-time job.

2. a) You are going to listen to the BBC news report. What is the piece of news?

b) Are the statements in ex.1 true or false for British teenagers? Listen again and check.

A) Fill in the questionnaire your teacher has given you.

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A) You are going to hear a speech by Neilia Pierre, an American High School student. Look at the glossary and decide what her speech is about. | Work in pairs. Make a list of reasons that teens use to explain why they hang about at home instead of having fun.
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