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Essential Items for a Trip Around The World


Packing for a long term trip around the world can be a challenge. The contents of your backpack should get you through a variety of climates, sustain you economically, be culturally sensitive, and should support a variety of physical activities without weighing you down.

Here are some items Iíve found to be indispensable during my travels.

1. _______________

A __________ and a wind/waterproof shell worn together or separately give you versatile options which provide protection from a variety of weather.

2. _______________

ATMs are becoming more available globally, making it easier than ever to get money in local currency while on the road. Try to have a couple _______ for different bank accounts (in case one doesnít work). Be sure to investigate how much you will be charged by your bank for international withdrawals.

3. ________________

A compact yet sturdy ____________ not only keeps you dry, but can also protect your day pack from moisture. It makes a useful waterproof mat for sitting on wet surfaces.

4. _______________

A soft ___________ made from foldable fabric protects you from the sun and is easy to store. It may include a concealable mosquito net.

5. _______________

Wear them in grungy hotel showers or during tropical rainstorms when the streets are flooded. Use them as beach wear or for killing bugs. Flip flops work indoors when you are visiting countries where people remove outdoor shoes before entering homes.

6. _______________

Even if you donít carry a ___________, bring a ______. This can be a lightweight silk __________ or an old bed sheet, folded and sewn into a sack. Use as a blanket on cold bus rides, a layer between your body and beds of dubious cleanliness, or for its original purpose (since it is easier to clean than a sleeping bag.)

7. ________________

Choose a _________ made of sturdy lightweight material. For women, this may be necessary when visiting places like mosques, Russian Orthodox churches, and more conservative Middle Eastern countries. It also can be used as a bag (tie the corners together), a neck scarf, a way to keep hair out of your face, protection from sand and dust (wrapped around nose and mouth), a window shade (for sunny car rides), and as a halter top.

8. _______________

Useful for protecting important documents that you are not carrying on your person. They can also protect electronic equipment, keep small pieces of clothing dry, or keep potentially leaky items (shampoo, lotion) from getting all over your luggage.

9. _______________

If youíre traveling around the world, chances are you want to document your travels. Be sure to pack extra memory, and a memory reader so you can occasionally burn photos onto CD/DVD and send an extra copy back home. You can also use a ____________ to store information, such as maps, documents, and other files.

10. ______________

I carry a Maglite in my day pack because one never knows when the electricity will go out or youíll find yourself walking down a dark, potholed[4] street.

11. ______________

You are going to be carrying a ____________ with you most of the time so make sure it has plenty of pockets (both internal and external), is strong, and provides comfortable straps. Consider getting one that can be folded up and stuffed into your regular backpack.

12. ______________

The Spartan model includes 2 knives, a pair of scissors, a can opener, a bottle opener, toothpick, tweezers[5], awl[6], and corkscrew Ė sufficient tools while traveling.

13. _____________

A ______________ keeps cash, cards, and passports safely concealed. You may want a second storage belt to keep smaller amounts of cash for daily purchases.

14. _____________

Long ________________ provides much needed warmth when traveling in colder climates.

15. _____________

Sure you can buy these anywhere but ______________ are good to have on hand. Make sure your pack includes needles, thread, and some dental floss. Repair heavier items (leather, backpacks) with dental floss. A needle can be used to remove splinters[7], as well.

16. ______________

On my round-the-world trip, I took a regular towel and deeply regret it. An absorbent, fast drying ____________ will suit your needs. A ________ has the advantage of drying quickly while doubling up as clothing.


Choose quality items that will last your whole trip and donít underestimate the importance of light-weight items. Backpacks get heavier as you travel so you will be happy that you spent a little extra upfront investing in lightweight, multipurpose gear.

a. Sarong or Travel Towel

b. Sewing Supplies

c. Thermal Underwear

d. Money Belt

e. Swiss Army Knife

f. Day Pack

g. Small Flashlight

h. Digital Camera

i. Waterproof Bags

j. Headscarf or Large Bandanna

k. Sleeping Bag Liner or Sheet Sack

l. Flip flops

m. Hat/Cap

n. Rain Poncho

o. Bank Card

p. Fleece and Jacket


[1] custodian - a person who takes responsibility for taking care of or protecting smth: the museumís custodians.

[2] be (stuck) in a 'time warp - not having changed at all from a time in the past although everything else has.

[3] (literary) resulting from strong feelings rather than careful thought

[4] Pothole - a large rough hole in the surface of a road that is formed by traffic and bad weather.

[5] Tweezers - a small tool with two long thin parts joined together at one end, used for picking up very small things or for pulling out hairs.

[6] Awl - a small pointed tool used for making holes, especially in leather.

[7] Splinter - a small thin sharp piece of wood, metal, glass, etc. that has broken off a larger piece.

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