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Write each safety rule in the box next to explanation.

  Energy isolation     Management of change (MOC)   Ground disturbance
  Working at heights     Driving safety   Lifting operations  
  Permit to work     Confined space entry    

BP’s 8 golden rules of safety

1._______________: Before conducting work that involves confined space entry, work on energy system, ground disturbance or hot work in potentially explosive environments, a permit must be obtained. This should be authorized by a responsible person; it should also identify hazards, assess risk and establish control measures.


2._________________: Working at heights of two meters or higher above the ground cannot begin unless the workers are competent to do this work, and the correct equipment is in place and has been inspected.

3.________________ : An isolation of energy systems, mechanical, electrical, process, hydraulic and others, cannot proceed unless the method and discharge of stored energy are agreed and executed by a competent person. They should also test that the isolation is effective and continue to monitor effectiveness periodically.


6. _______________ : Entry into any confined space cannot proceed unless all other options have been ruled out and the area has been tested for safety. All affected personnel, including a stand-by person, should be competent and issued with a permit.


7. _______________ : Lift utilizing cranes, hoists, or other mechanical lifting devices will not commence unless an assessment of the lift has been completed. The equipment must be certified for use and examined before each lift. The operators must be trained, and the rigging of the load must be done by a competent person.


8. _________________ : Work arising from temporary and permanent changes to organization, personnel, system, process, procedures, equipment, products, materials or substances, and laws and regulations cannot proceed unless a Management of change process is completed. This should include a risk assessment conducted by all affected by the changes, authorization of the changes and a clear work plan for the changes.


9. _________________ : All categories of vehicle? Including self-propelled mobile plant, must not be operated unless the vehicle has been inspected


A. Listen to Bob describing an incident. Think of questions you would like to ask about it.

B. Listen to Ahmed asking Bob about the incident. Were his questions the same as yours?

C. Work with a partner. Ask each other questions about the incident. One person plays the role of Bob and one person plays the role of Ahmed.

Describe some incident really happened in oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Report it to the group, answer possible questions.

From Levrai P. English for the Energy Industries. Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals. Garnet, 2009




Account Dept. department responsible for administering a company’s financial affairs
A.G.M. (UK) Annual General Meeting of a company’s shareholders
board of directors group of people chosen to establish policy for a control a company; chairperson
chairman (UK) person who head a Boar
director a member of the board of directors
executive officer (UK) person managing the affairs of a corporation – chief executive
headquarters a company’s principal or main office or centre of control
manager person responsible for day-to-day running of a dept.; executive officer
managing director (UK) senior director after the chairman responsible for day-to-day direction
Marketing Dept. department that puts goods on market, inc, packaging, advertising etc.
organization chart a table or plan showing a company’s structure graphically
Personnel Dept. department responsible for recruitment and welfare of staff or employees
president (UK) the highest executive officer of a company; head of a company
Production Dept. department responsible for physical creation of product
Purchasing Dept. department responsible for finding and buying everything for a company
R & D Department department responsible for Research and Development of (new) products
reception the place where visitors and clients report on arrival at a company
Sales Department department responsible for finding customers and making sales
shareholder person who holds or owns shares in or a part of a company or corporation
Vice president (UK) Any of several executive officers, each responsible for a separate division


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