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Match the sentence beginnings (1-7) with the correct endings (a-g).

1. We are looking for a new CEO, someone with strong leadership

2. Richard has real managerial flair

3. In the police, leaders are held responsible

4. The study concludes that a charismatic visionary leader is absolutely not required for a visionary company

5. She is an extraordinary leader

6. Thatcher had drive, energy and vision

7. He was a born leader. When everyone else was discussing


a) but many thought it was a wrong vision.

b) and, in fact, can be bad for a companyís long-term prospects.

c) and has won the respect of colleagues and employees.

d) for the actions of their subordinates.

e) skills and experience with financial institutions.

f) what to do, he knew exactly what to do.

g) Who will bring dynamism and energy to their job.


These words are often associated with motivation. Match each word (1-7) with its definition and use them in the sentences of your own.

1. pay package a) extra items offered by the company in addition

to salary

2. job security b) holiday which can be taken while still receiving

a salary

3. promotion c) the total money and benefits received by an employee

4. paid leave d) moving an employee to a higher level job

5. flexitaime e) extra payment, e.g. for good results

6. fringe benefits f) a system where workers have to work a certain number

of hours, but choose when they start and finish their work

7. bonus g) being able to rely on a steady job.




Look quickly through the extract below from a management book on motivation.

a. Does it explain what motivation is exactly?

b. Does it tell you how to get the best from people?

c. Does it tell you how to deal with demotivated people?

Motivation in the workplace

There are many __(1)___ you can offer to help motivate people and each has different __(2)___ . Some of the most commonly used are recognition, money, health and help with child care. If you are not in a __(3)___ to offer financial incentive like pay rises and ___(4)__, it is still possible to motivate staff by ensuring that the non-financial perks you offer are ___(5)__ to them. For example, you might offer a parking __(6)___ to someone who drives to work.

To get the most from your staff, first __(7)___ the individuals in the team. That will give you a better idea of the best __(8)___ in which to motivate them to __(9)___ their maximum potential. To get the best results from your team, it is important to __(10)___ each individualís specific skills and talents and treat people on their own ___(11)__ . Also remember that at different stages of their careers, people will be motivated by different things.


Choose the best word to fill each gap in the text in Exercise 4 by inserting A, B, C or D.

1. A. incentives B. goals C. inspirations D. persuasions

2. A. reasons B. effect C. influences D. conclusions

3. A. site B. place C. position D. spot

4. A. bonuses B. increases C. profits D. extras

5. A. pleasant B. liked C. attractive D. suitable

6. A. opening B. hole C. gap D. space

7. A. estimate B. calculate C. assess D. value

8. A. ways B. means C. methods D. processes

9. A. complete B. achieve C. do D. win

10.A. admit B. realize C. recognize D. award

11.A. rewards B. merits C. rights D. goodness


Motivation plays a significant part in the working process in every company and influences greatly on the results and success of firms and individuals. Share your ideas on the following questions. (For expressing personal opinion look at Appendix 2)


1) Do you think it is necessary to motivate employees? Why?

2) How can you define a motivated worker?

3) Do you agree that motivation should be created by managers?

4) How can you define the role of motivation in the working process?

5) What can motivate you personally?



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