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Exercise 2. Match a word in A with a word in B.

Unit 3. Globalization

Start up

Exercise 1. Look at the pictures. What is globalization for all these people?

A. B.
C. D.
E. F.

Exercise 2. Is globalization a positive or negative phenomenon? Make a list of positive and negative effects of globalization. Discuss in a class.


Exercise 1. Fill in the gaps using the word below.

a) globalization   b) market c) technological advances d) inequality
e) stagnates   f) competition g) poverty h) integrate  

1) Most of the innovations from the __________ have very important effects on the lives of peoples of the world.

2) _________ is a process of global economical, political and cultural integration.

3) It is a difficult task for poor countries to reduce ___________ without rich countries' supports.

4) The result of globalization is a new commercial reality the emergence of global ____________ for standardized consumer products.

5) Nations are going to have a major problem if economic growth ___________.

6) ____________is the most serious problem facing the world.

7) Countries that __________globally without first strengthening domestic institutions run the risk of hurting the rest of the country.

8) Many people work well under __________. Others find it stressful and even debilitating.


Exercise 2. Match a word in A with a word in B.

globalization a unfriendliness or opposition
trade b cease developing; become inactive
hostility c resulting in good
inequality d high technologies
stagnate e difference in size, degree, circumstances, etc.; lack of equality
technological advances f the tendency for the world econm to work as n unit, led by large international companies doing business all vr the world
exchange g combine one thing with another to form a whole
beneficial h the action of buying and selling goods and services
integrate i the activity of striving to win something by establishing superiority over others
competition j give something and receive something of the same kind in return


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