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Successful organization

There are many ways to achieve a result or outcome and one of the most influential is to improve corporate culture and organizational structure.

Companies must consider many elements: they must decide how much authority to give higher level managers or whether to provide workers with more creativity and flexibility Large or small, every organization should operate with a defined organizational structure. It may be linear, functional, matrix and so on.

As we can see for each company there is a structure, which is suitable for it, it depends on different factors as company’s size, the way of manufacturing or a type of a company and so on. But there is another thing which is also very useful for motivating people, throwing out traditional management style and becoming staff more flexible, competitive, creative and independent (despite of everything).
Every culture and organization has its own unwritten rules. This rules are probably the single most influential factor on the work environment and employee's happiness. Though many work cultures embrace positive values, such as loyalty, solidarity, efficiency, quality, personal development and customer service, all too often they reinforce negative attitudes.

In many businesses, an unwritten rule states that working long hours is more important than achieving results. In one medium-sized company, the boss never leaves the office until it is dark. Outside in the car park, he checks to see who is still working and whose office windows are dark. Staff who risk leaving earlier now leave their office lights on all night.

Other common unwritten rules state that the boss is always right, even when he's wrong;
if you're not at your desk, you're not working; nobody complains because nothing ever changes
female employees, ethic minorities and people at their retirement age are not promoted;
the customer is a king.

Often nobody really knows where these unwritten rules came from, but new recruits pick them up very quickly.

Or for example the key words of the Finland’s company were: freedom, trust, goals, responsibility, creativity, joy of working and lifelong learning. In this SOL company was a territorial space and a communal area, colorful playground with trees and small animals and some kitchen corners. Speaking about the area, office space should also be used efficiently and all simple facilities should be available for staff, for example I mean:

· restaurants nearby

· a room for smokers

· facilities for disabled staff

· opportunity to chose the workplace

· short distances between offices and departments

Moreover in some companies headquarters can be empty in the day but very busy in the evening cause staff can chose the time and the place they work.

Furthermore, there is clear evidence that company shouldn’t forget about :

· opportunities to express staff opinions

· salaries, bonuses, social events and discounts for staff

· and others working conditions

The word is out that employees who enjoy their jobs work more effectively and are more productive. Having fun at work can help morally, reduce stress, improve staff retention, mean less sick days and increase team building and team spirit. Fun at work gives people a chance to have some fun together, make management style more humane, and as another way to show people that you care about them.

Employees who felt they worked in a loving, caring culture reported higher levels of satisfaction and teamwork. They showed up to work more often.

People who worked in a culture where they felt free to express affection, tenderness, caring, and compassion for one another were more satisfied with their jobs, committed to the organization, and accountable for their performance.

To sum up some points to have a success:

· chose the organizational structure according your company and its size

· develop your own unwritten rules for people’s motivation

· reorganize an office space

· think about the work time and salary

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