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Task 10. Write questions to these sentences. Consult the grammar table above and the model.

Model: My elder sister has been at University for six months by now. –

1. Who has been at University for six months by now?

2. Whose sister has been at University for six months by now?

3. How long has your sister been at University by now?

4. Where has your sister been?

5. …………………………………

  1. Alice has graduated from University this month. (Who? What institution?)
  2. Nick has stayed at the college since September. (Who? Where?

Since when?)

3. All students of our group have passed our summer exams successfully. (Who? What? How?)

Task 11. Read the following pairs of sentences and choose the correct variant. Explain your choice.

  1. A. John has lived here since 1990.

B. John lived here since 1990.

2. A. Hello! I didn’t see you for ages!

B. Hello! I haven’t seen you for ages!

3. A. Have you heard any news from Benny recently?

B. Did you hear any news from Benny recently?

4. A. Your friend phoned a few minutes ago.

B. Your friend has phoned a few minutes ago.

5. A. Have you been at home on Saturday? I phoned you.

B. Were you at home on Saturday? I phoned you.

Task 12. Put in the most suitable tense-form of the verb in brackets:

  1. He __________________ (never / study) any foreign languages.
  2. She _________________(phone) you just now. The news is good.
  3. “Is it your first trip to our country? ___ you _____ (be) here ever before?”
  4. I ______ (live) in Moscow from 1986 till 1991. I ____ (study) there.
  5. Where _____ (be) you last night? You didn’t answer my phone-calls.


Task 13. After reading the text of this lesson choose the correct variant to complete every sentence:

1. In Russian educational system there are ______________ main stages.

a) Five

b) Four

c) Three

  1. Higher education in Russia is ____________________ .

a) only state-supported, public

b) financed by local authorities

c) both governmental and non-governmental

  1. The Bachelor’s and Master’s degree may be awarded _________________ .

a) after some period of studies and writing a certain kind of research work

b) during students’ studies at a higher educational institution

  1. The academic year in Russian HEIs is arranged ________________in Great Britain.

a) …more or less in the same periods as…

b) …in a completely different way than ….

Task 14. Continue these sentences. Add the information you learned from the text.

1. The Institutes and Universities in Russia have a total enrolment of …….

2. There are about 3000 ………………….- technikum, uchilische, college.

3. Russia has more academic …………. than any other country in Europe.

4. The course of studies for higher education lasts for……………………...

5. In all the Russian Institutions, academic year starts………and there are ………… semesters in an academic year.

Task 15. Define if the following sentences are true or false:

1. The first degree in higher education is the Master’s degree.

2. The Bakalavr's degree is awarded in all fields including Medicine.

3. First semester examinations are held usually in February, second semester exams are in July.

4. The period of postgraduate higher education lasts for 5-6 years or more.

5. Russian HEIs have good co-operation with different countries and admit foreign students.

Task 16. Match the following titles with certain passages of the text. One is not needed.

1.Academic Year and Holidays.

2.Higher Education. General Information.

3.Courses of Studies and the Main Degrees.

4.Co-operation with Other Countries. Overseas Students.

5.Tuition Fees.

6.Levels of Education.

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