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c (te and Ann)

ate: Hello! You look sunburnt! Where have you been?

Ann: I returned back from Miami.

ate: Did you enjoy fine weather there?

Ann: Yes, I did. The weather was lovely.

ate: Did it ever rain?

Ann: Once when we were at sea on a motor boat we were caught in a heavy rain. I can`t say it was very pleasant!

ate: Oh, I see. Such nice palms, blue sky, breeze, big stones. The sun is shining brightly.

Ann: When I took this photo, the ocean was still, but then the weather turned to worse. The weather is very changeable in Miami.

ate: Oh, next time when I`ll decide to take a trip to Miami I `ll think about it.



Oh, such a beautiful photo! When did you take it?

- Yesterday! Yes, we are having a beautiful day. The air is fresh and cool, everything is covered with hoarfrost.

- There is so much snow outside. Children play snowballs and make snowmen. So many snow- drifts.

- But yesterday there were few people in the street, it was very frosty and stormy. When I returned from college I got chilled to the bone!

- Oh, you poor, yes yesterday it was storming, the cold made my hands stiff. It was bitterly cold.

- The only thing we must think about is to put on warm clothes, be weatherwise, we live in Russia, we are accustomed to severe climate!

- I totally agree with you!

3) :

Oh, my God! Yesterday it poured with rain.

I can compare it with real flood!

I agree with you. It rained cats and dogs. And my little sister got frightened with the thunderstorm.

It seems to me we are again in a spell of bad weather. Today it is drizzling without stopping. The sky is covered with big grey clouds. Streets are covered with mud and slush. I feel blue.

Oh, cheer up. Soon the weather will change for better. Look at this flash of lightning!! I took this photo yesterday.

Splendid! I am so impressed!

- Happy to hear that! I like taking photos of nature!

4) :

- Hello, how was your hiking? Did you like it?

- Oh, yes, we were walking around the forest, picking up berries and mushrooms. The weather was fine.

- And what about mosquitos, I hate walking in the forest because of these insects

- No, we were in the shades. There were no mosquitos. We used repellents.

- What else did you do in the forest?

- Well, we took a lot of photos, of birds. They were singing beautiful songs. We listened to the rustle of leaves breath fresh pine air.

- Oh, I like pines. They make me relax. Well, next time I`ll join your company.

- Happy to hear that.



A: What's the weather today?


B: The temperature has fallen again. Well, autumn.


A: I enjoy the cold weather, golden leaves, it gives me inspiration.


B: Don't you mind the cold?


A: Not at all. I prefer a cool autumn to a hot , muggy summer.

B: I agree. After the terrible August we had last year, low temperatures are kind of refreshing.


A: In August there wasn't a breeze anywhere. There was ninety percent humidity, and the temperature stayed above ninety degrees for 15 straight days.


B: It's six o'clock now. I'll turn on the radio. Let's listen to the weather report.

.Tonight will be partly cloudy. Tomorrow will become sunny, windy, and very cold. Strong winds from the north will bring Arctic air to the region. Snow will develop at the end of the week.


- Good morning, Mrs Williams. How are you this morning?
- I'm quite all right, thank you, Mrs Jones. And how are you?
- Fine, too, thank you. Nice day, isn't it?
- Absolutely lovely. Much warmer than yesterday, I believe, though a bit misty. Have you heard the weather forecast for today by the way?
- Yes, I have. It says the early morning mist is to clear before noon and the rest of the day will be bright and sunny.
- Good, what's the outlook for tomorrow?
- It says there will be little change.
- Splendid. A fine weekend is just what we all need, don't we?
- Oh, yes, quite true. Good-bye, Mrs Williams.
- Good - bye, Mrs Jones.


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