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We should not mix such concepts as the emission of Ether and its creation.

In the future, generally speaking about the Fields of Attraction and Fields of Repulsion, we can sometimes use the term "Force Field".

This term is quite popular in the scientific literature. Why we need to invent something new that perhaps will not be accepted.

We should mention that the existing in the esoteric literature (in the treatise on the Tao, for example) a reference on Yin and Yang refers specifically to the particles with different Force Fields.

Yin and Yang - are two connected "drops", black with a white circle in the center (Yin) and white - with a black circle (Yang).



Yin - is an esoteric symbol of all existing in the Universe elementary particles (Souls) with the Fields of Attraction. Here, the black color means that the destruction of Ether (Spirit) in the particle goes on faster than its creation.

Yang – it’s an image of elementary particles (Souls) with the Fields of Repulsion. The predominance of white over black says that the creation of Ether goes on faster than destruction.

In the esoteric literature, "The Light" symbolizes the Spirit (Ether), and "Darkness" - its absence.

Yang as it said in the "Tao Te Ching" is in heat - is a source of rage. Rage in our language connects with the heating, even though our blood in anger (the words "anger" and "Fire" can be considered cognate). The heating is directly related to the process of emission of Ether.

Yin grows scanty - that is, loses something. In this case, there is the analogy with the process of disappearance of Ether exceeding the process of creation.







YIN – the particles with the Fields of Attraction – is a black drop with a white circle. YANG – the particles with the Fields of Repulsion – is a white drop with a black circle. Black color here – is a symbol of destruction of Ether. White – is a symbol of creation of Ether.


In the books of Alice Bailey we can often find the concept of "quality". We are talking about one and the same.


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