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Which fits the contextual meaning of the underlined unit.

1 All mortals have many weaknesses. (1 (of living beings, esp. human) destined to die sometime rather than living forever; 2 causing death, fatal; 3 deadly or unrelenting; 4 of or resulting from the fear of death; 5 of or involving life or the world; 6 great or very intense; 7 a human being.)

2 Godís anointed Queen has been murdered. ( 1 smeared with glue; 2 a dying person consecrated by a priest; 3 sacred; 4 smeared with oil by a priest in church.)

3 Who gave you this authority? ( 1 an expert in a particular field; 2 a person or a group with certain power; 3 a decision-making organization or government department; 4 the power to command or control others; 5 official permission; 6 a position that has the power to command; 7 confidence resulting from expertise.)

4 He failed to keep his word. ( 1 to stop operating; 2 to judge or be judged as being below the officially accepted standard required in a course or examination; 3 to be unsuccessful in an attempt; 4 to prove disappointing or useless to someone; 5 to neglect or be unable to do something; 6 to go bankrupt.)

5 Sir Raleigh had the skill to cope with difficult tasks. (1 something, such as a trade, requiring special training or experience; 2 special ability or expertise enabling one to perform an activity very well.)

6 If only this could have spared him. (1 to stop from killing, punishing, or injuring; 2 to protect someone from unpleasant; 3 to be able to afford or give.)


Ex. 3 Read the following words observing: a) two primary stresses; b) the secondary and the primary stresses; c) a primary stress.


Authoritative, authoritarian, authorize, authorization, executing, executed, execute, loathsome, loathingly, intimately, intimacy, boldness, intercepting, interception, interceptive, declaration, declarative, condemnation, condemnatory, skillful, failure-free, mortality, anoint.


Ex. 4 Look through Ex. 1, 3 and find the words corresponding with the following intonation patterns. Write them down in columns and pronounce correctly.


Ñ ð ð Ñ ð ð Ñ ð ð ð Ñ ð ð Ñ ð ð Ñ

`history `private re`ligious exe`cution cont`rol disa` ppoint


Ex. 5 Give the proper word from Ex.1 to the given definitions.

1) The act of invoking divine protection or aid;

2) the carrying out or undergoing of a sentence of death;

3) to take by force or capture;

4) unwilling;

5) fearless, courageous, confident;

6) to prove useless to someone;

7) to pronounce sentence on in a court of law;

8) to announce publicly or officially about war actions;

9) artistry, mastery.


Ex. 6 Paraphrase the following sentences using active words and word combinations from Ex. 1.


1 He didnít even imagine that the student would use a stolen translation.

2 The baby didnít sleep and looked at him suspiciously from its little cradle.

3 Confident as he was, nothing was a problem for him.

4 She gave him an impudent look.

5 Their warm personal relationship ended in a marriage.

6 We are not here to discuss private matters of the Queen.

7 Bess neglected to help her cousin.

8 The government has proved useless to the homeless.

9 Try and protect her from this unpleasantness.

10 Is it in your power to stop from killing your Queen.


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