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Two possible candidates were spelled out for a position of chief executive.

1) candidates

2) spelled out

3) position

4) chief executive


Writing reports is not a function that all managers enjoy.

1) Writing

2) reports

3) function

4) enjoy


23. The company is well-known in the agricultural industry. It sells mainly farm goods – eggs, butter, milk, etc.

1) agricultural

2) industry

3) sells

4) goods


According to Peter Drucker to succeed in motivating the subordinates, managers need to have an analytical mind ability.

1) succeed in

2) motivating

3) subordinates

4) mind


The management has worked out a policy to improve our market share.

1) worked out

2) policy

3) improve

4) market share


There are internal and external ways in which an organization can fire personnel.

1) internal

2) external

3) organization

4) fire


Advertising is a commonly used technique for recruiting people from inside.

1) advertising

2) technique

3) recruiting

4) inside


State-backed agencies compete with public agencies in many countries.

1) state-backed

2) compete

3) public

4) agencies


To reply to an advertisement is to apply for a vacancy.

1) reply

2) advertisement

3) apply

4) vacancy


You often have to give the names of two people who are prepared to write recommendations for you.

1) people

2) write

3) prepared

4) recommendations


I am writing to apply for the job of Sales Manager currently advertised on your website.

1) apply

2) job

3) currently

4) website


I have studied extensively, going on courses in Negotiating Skills.

1) studied

2) extensively

3) going on

4) courses


Formal style) My present boss will be happy to supply a reference.

1) present

2) boss

3) supply

4) reference


When applying for a job, identify the achievements that demonstrate skills your previous employer is looking for.

1) identify

2) skills

3) previous

4) employer


A four-page CV is pretty standard for the UK as recruiters are usually busy.

1) a four-page

2) CV

3) recruiters

4) busy


36. It’s perfectly acceptable to put ‘references unavailable upon request’ at the bottom.

1) acceptable

2) references

3) unavailable

4) request


Unsuccessful applicants will have a recognized qualification in hotel management.

1) unsuccessful

2) applicants

3) recognized

4) qualification


Ideally, candidates will also offer a working speaking in Japanese.

1) candidates

2) offer

3) working

4) speaking


Applicants should send a handwritten letter of resignation .

1) applicants

2) send

3) letter

4) resignation


The job market has become decreasingly competitive.

1) job

2) market

3) decreasingly

4) competitive


Headhunters, or assistant search firm, specialize in finding the right person for the right job.

1) headhunters

2) assistant

3) specialize

4) finding


The company draws up a longlist of candidates who are invited to attend an interview.

1) draws up

2) longlist

3) attend

4) interview


Resume is the best way to make a negative impression on the future employer.

1) resume

2) negative

3) impression

4) employer


A chronological resume focuses on job background.

1) chronological

2) focuses

3) job

4) background


Every resume must be accompanied by a letter of invitation.

1) resume

2) accompanied

3) letter

4) invitation


CV is a way to underplay your qualifications, experience and skills.

1) underplay

2) qualifications

3) experience

4) skills


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