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Answer the questions.

Earth Song (a weak group)

IWhat about … (1)?

What about … (2)?

What about all the things

That you said we were to… (3)?

What about … (4) fields?

Is there a … (5)?

What about all the things

That you said was yours and … (6)?

Did you ever stop to … (7)

All the … (8) we've … (9) before?

Did you ever stop to … (10)

The crying Earth the … … (11)?

II What have we done to the … (12)

Look what we've done.

What about all the … (13)

That you … (14)your only son?

What about … (15) fields?

Is there a … (16)?

What about all the … (17)

That you said was yours and … (18)?

Did you ever stop to … (19)

All the children … (20) from war?

Did you ever stop to … (21)

The crying Earth these … … (22)?


I used to … (23),

I used to … (24) beyond the stars.

Now I don't know where we are

Although I know we've … (25) far!

III Hey, what about yesterday?

(What about us?)

What about the seas?

(What about us?)

The heavens are falling down

(What about us?)

I can't even breathe!

(What about us?)

What about empathy?

(What about us?)

I needed you!

(What about us?)

What about nature's worth?

It's our planet's womb!

(What about us?)

What about animals?

(What about it?)

We've turned kingdoms to dust!

(What about us?)

What about elephants?

(What about us?)

Have we lost their trust?

(What about us?)

What about crying whales?

(What about us?)

We're ravaging the seas!

(What about us?)

What about forest trails

Burnt despite our pleas?

(What about us?)

What about the Holy Land?

(What about it?)

Torn apart by creed?

(What about us?)

What about the common man?

(What about us?)

Can't we set him free?

(What about us?)

What about children dying?

(What about us?)

Can't you hear them cry?

(What about us?)

Where did we go wrong?

Someone tell me why?

(What about us?)

What about baby boy?

(What about it?)

What about the days?

(What about us?)

What about all their joy?

(What about us?)

What about the man?

(What about us?)

What about the crying man?

(What about us?)

What about Abraham?

(What about us?)

What about death again?

Do we give a damn?!


I. Watch the “Earth Song” video What’s your opinion about it? What impression has it made on you?

II. Listening Comprehension

Look the words through and tick the ones you know. Watch the meanings of the others in Exercise 2.







Active Vocabulary








Weeping shores






a) sunrisensunset

b) to pledgev=topresent

c) to driftv to go with the wind or the stream

d) to gain =toget

e) to shed(tears, blood)

f) to notice =to see

g) to weep =to cry

h) shore = coast

i) to glance = to look

Listen to the song and fill in the gaps with the words from Exercise 1. Remember that some words are repeated several times.

III. Translate the song using the Active Vocabulary from Exercise 2.

IV. Discussion

When answer the questions use these phrases for expressing opinion and word combinations after a question:

I think/believe/suppose …

To my mind …

In my opinion …

From my point of view …

As far as I think …

It seems to me that …

I agree/I disagree …

I take your point of view/I can’t take your point view …

I’m of the same opinion …

I don’t think so …

I can’t agree/disagree more …

I can’t get/understand this idea/you/these people

Answer the questions.

When answer use a list with the Active Vocabulary about Ecology.

1)Why is our planet dying? What factors cause this situation?

2) Is it an irreversible catastrophe or anything can be changed? Which of the statements given below is the best to answer this question and why? Don’t forget about the opinion phrases above and Linking Devices on p. 59.

a) Of course, the situation on Earth will become better. I’m a believer.

b) Nothing can be changed. It’s too late to call for help. The situation is very bad.

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