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Tower bridges goes over the River Thames.

I was sitting in the park when it started raining.

a- sat b-was sittingc- sit


3- He couldn’t remember where he had parked his car.

a- had parked b- was parking c- has parked.


I often go to the gym on Tuesday evenings.

a- go usually to b- always go c- often go to


Swimming in the sea makes you really strong.

a- Swim b- Swimming c- Swiming


The case is too heavy for you. I will help you.

a- ‘ll help b- help c- ‘m going to help


7- I’m going to make a cake for Bill’s birthday.

a- make b- do c- cook


8- It’s really sunny. Let’s go for a walk.

a- get b- go c- have


9- The bus was so crowded I couldn’t move.

a- crowded b- modern c- noisy


Tower bridges goes over the River Thames.

a- over b- under c- through

Q2. Underline the correct form.


1 I don’t usually have / I’m not usually havingdessert, but I’ll have one tonight.

2 Jake tries / is tryingto get fit for the athletics competition next month.


3 In the summer, I often cycle / I’m often cyclingto work.


4 What are you doing / do you dothis evening?


5 Helen don’t work / isn’t workingtomorrow, so we’re meeting for lunch.


6 Clare buys a lot of takeaways, but I prefer / I’m preferringhome-made food.

Q3. Complete the sentences. Use the correct form of the verb in brackets.


1 I already finished (already / finish) cooking when Gill offered to help.


2 As soon as I arrived, we ordered (order) our food – everyone had waited for me.


3 Manchester Unitedwon (win) 2–0 at half time, but they lost the match 3–2.


4 We were really tired when we arrived because we didn't sleep (not sleep) for 26 hours.


5 You’re lucky I’m still here. I was getting(get) ready to go out when you phoned.


6 I was thinking about him when he rang(ring) me!


7 Last week the boss said (say) he would give me a pay rise, because I was so hard-working.


Q4. Complete the sentences with shall / going to / will or the present continuous.


1- A Iam going (go) to town this afternoon. I will go (I /go) to the supermarket on my way back?

BYes, we need bread, milk and some fruit.

AOK. I will get (get) all that, and some eggs, too.


2- AI heard on the radio that the weather will be(be) excellent this weekend.

BThat’s good, because my parents are coming(come) to stay with me.


3- AI went to see Miami Vice yesterday at the cinema.

It’s excellent.

BOh good. I will (see) it tomorrow.

AI know you will love (love) it.


Q5. Underline the odd word out.


1 spicy prawns sweet fresh

2 duck sausages chicken beans

3 starter main course napkin dessert

4 grilled baked boiled raw

5 knife fork glass spoon

6 frozen home-made menu low-fat


Q6. Complete the sentences with the correct words.


1 You should think about how other people feel instead of being so selfish !

a. spoilt b. independent c. selfish


2 In sport, boys are often more competitive than girls. They always want to win.

a. bossy b. competitive c. reliable



3 She’s justjealous because you got a higher score in the test yesterday.

a. ambitious b. spoilt c.jealous


4 Jack’s soinsecure. He can talk to anyone about anything.

a. insecure b. sociable c. manipulative


5 You’re too generous. Please let me pay this time!

a. generous b. honest c. sensitive


6 He sometimes gets moody if he’s not allowed to do what he wants.

a. sensible b. moody c. mean


7 Lynne was very quiet tonight. Do you think she’s OK?

a. extrovert b. shy c. quiet


Q7. Read the article and tick (✓) A, B, or C.

We interviewed three people about how family and friends have affected their personalities.

Maria Stanovich

I’ve always had a strong relationship with my family. An important influence on my personality was my grandmother, Hannah. She was born in 1930 into a poor family with seven children – they had to take very good care of each other in order to survive. Growing up in such difficult conditions had a positive effect on her, teaching her to share everything, be honest, helpful, hard-working, and affectionate. My grandmother taught me all these things, making me realize that family is more important than material possessions.

Katie Dupont

The people around you have the greatest influence on your life – they affect the way you behave and think. As soon as Rob and I met, we connected. When Rob was young, his father died in a motorcycle accident. Being brought up as an only child by a single parent made him independent and ambitious. He left home at 16, and since then has lived in different places and had various jobs. He’s taught me that it’s important to find time for friends and family and to do what makes you happy. He always has fun, trying new things, keeping his mind and body healthy, and he still works hard to achieve his goals. I greatly admire Rob and I hope that one day I can look at life in the way that he does.

Jed Mitchell

I spent many hours as a child listening to my uncle Wilson’s stories. He was the youngest of 11 children whose family lived in a fishing town in Scotland. Life was hard and with so many mouths to feed, the children began working from an early age. At just 14, my uncle began his first job as a fisherman. That was the beginning of his adventures – he travelled and worked in Alaska, South-East Asia, India, and Africa. He educated himself, learnt to be a chef, an engineer, a farmer, and photographer. Uncle Wilson taught me that life is special and that you should take every opportunity that you can to fill it with adventure.


1 Maria has a close relationship with her family.

A True ■ B False ■ C Doesn’t say ■


2 Maria’s grandmother had seven children.

A True ■ B False ■ C Doesn’t say ■


3 Maria’s grandmother is still alive.

A True ■ B False ■ C Doesn’t say ■


4 Growing up in a big family made Maria’s grandmother less selfish.

A True ■ B False ■ C Doesn’t say ■


5 Katie met Rob at work.

A True ■ B False ■ C Doesn’t say


6 Katie knew she and Rob would be good friends because they immediately got on well.

A True ■ B False ■ C Doesn’t say


7 Katie thinks Rob lives his life in a positive way.

A True ■ B False ■ C Doesn’t say ■


8 Jed’s uncle’s first job was as a chef.

A True ■ B False ■ C Doesn’t say ■


9 Jed thinks people shouldn’t waste any chances in life.

A True ■ B False ■ C Doesn’t say ■


10 Jed would like to travel like his uncle did.

A True ■ B False ■ C Doesn’t say


Q8. Writing


Imagine you’re going to study at a language school in the UK for three weeks. You receive an email from your home-stay family asking some questions about your lifestyle. Reply to their email and include the following information. (140–180 words)

• thank them for email

• your age, family, work / study

• what you usually eat / your likes and dislikes

• sports you do / interests you have


Dear parents

How are you ? and how are my brothers and sisters ? I hope all of you fine

I started my study at school last Monday its was very interesting day , I met many new people there.

The life there needed to change my lifestyle , I have to wake up at 6 clock , then there is a sport club I go there and practice my favorite sport the weightlifting

And after that I come back to the home and take a shower then get ready to school.

After I came back from the school I sleep for 2 hours and then I revise my course until the later evening .

I don't go out in the night as I used to do .

There is many things I like it in the life there and also I dislike many things too , I like the people when they go out to their jobs , when they eat their dinner in the house yard, nobody can bother you , they respect each other , but I dislike the wine drinking , their clothes they wear indecent clothes and you know how much I hate that .

In the week end on Saturday and Sunday , I study in Saturday and in Sunday I go out with my friends they are good friends .

Anyway I'm fine and interesting in my life here and thank you for your e-mail and I hope to finish my study early to go back between you


My best wishes : Aref Nayef AL Ghoul




Listen to the interview with a professional football referee. Complete the information with the correct word.


The Real Madrid–Barcelona matches were exciting to referee because of the incredible spectators in the stadium. The player that Juan Antonio most admires is Mauro Silva, the Brazilian international. Juan Antonio was attacked by players and spectators after a match because the home team lost .

Winning has become more important in football because of the moneyinvolved. Referees would find it easier to make decisions if players didn’t pretend.



Q10. Make questions:


1 What do you eat in typical day? What / eat / today?

2 What is your favorite restaurant? Why?

3 do you prefer to be sport or be spectator? Why?

4 did you ever cheat in exam, game or sport? How did you cheat?

5do you have any sport you like to learn?

6 can you cook? What do you like to cook?

7 do you recommendthe tourists to eat in your town or city?

8 do you practice sport or exercise? How often?

9 have you ever had accident or sports injury? What did happen?

10 do you have any sport you hate to watch on TV?

Q11. Talk about the statement below, saying if you agree or disagree. Give reasons.

‘People in my country eat very healthily.’

Actually I can't judge if they eat healthy or unhealthy , because I found in some places they eat healthy food and in another places I found they eat unhealthy food

But lets consider that they eat healthy food .because as we know our country have a clean air , clean soil , clean water too .

We don't have a lot of factories to pollutes the air , soil and water , and we don't have the toxic waste like the other countries .

In the end I think the mainly reason for my vision it's they make the food in their homes so I think it must be healthy .


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