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Commercial access to services based on Wi-Fi is available in places such as Internet cafes , airports and coffee shops around the world (usually these places are called Wi-Fi- cafes ), but their coating can be treated as a point compared to cellular networks :

Ozone and OzoneParis in France. In September 2003, the beginning of Ozone network deployment OzoneParis through The City of Lights. The ultimate goal - the creation of a centralized network Wi-Fi, fully covering Paris . The basic principle of Ozone Pervasive Network is that it is a network of national scale.
WiSE Technologies provides commercial access in airports, universities , and independent cafes in the United States .
T-Mobile provides the hotspot network for Starbucks in the U.S. and the UK , as well as more than 7,500 hot spots in Germany.
Pacific Century Cyberworks provides access to Pacific Coffee stores in Hong Kong.
Columbia Rural Electric Association is trying to deploy a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi on an area of ​​9500 km ², located between the districts of Walla Walla , and Columbia in Washington and Umatilla , Oregon. In a list of other major networks in the U.S. also includes : Boingo, Wayport and iPass.
Sify, an Indian Internet service provider , installed 120 access points in Bangalore : hotels , galleries and government institutions.
Vex has a large network of hot spots located throughout Brazil. Telefónica Speedy WiFi started to provide their services in a new and growing network that has spread to the territory of the State of São Paulo.
BT Openzone has many hotspots in the UK, working in McDonald's, and has a roaming agreement with T-Mobile UK and ReadyToSurf. Their clients also have access to hotspot The Cloud.
Netstop provides access to New Zealand.
In Estonia, there are several commercial operators , the largest of them Elion, provides Statoil petrol station in Estonia and large shopping centers.
VimpelCom under the trademark Beeline buying Golden Telecom, supports the world's largest city Wi-Fi network in Moscow. Channels of access to the wired network provides the largest provider Corbina Moscow . Network deployed in Moscow Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo.
EarthLink company planned in the third quarter of 2007, completely connect Philadelphia (United States) to the Internet via wireless links . It was to be the first city in the U.S. metropolis , completely covered Wi-Fi. Estimated cost was to be 20-22 dollars per month at a rate of 1 Mbps connections / sec . For low-income residents of Philadelphia - $ 12-15 per month. Currently, the center of the city and surrounding areas are already connected . Connect the other areas will be made as you install transmitters.
Ukraine Ukrtelecom provides Wi-Fi (« OGO ! Wi-Fi») in every city of the country. According to the plan coverage extends not only to the city, major hotels , restaurants, cafes , airports stations , but also on the library branch " Telekomservis " etc. In fact, the system covers only about 70 % of fast food restaurants McDonalds, and some other . Half of the existing points are often not active or can not connect to them , as usual mounted routers that allow you to connect up to 11 users [ source not specified 926 days ] .

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