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Technology is an important part of our lives. We use computers and other electric equipment at work and in the home. However, some people believe we rely too much on machines, and that the more technology improves, the lazier and weaker humans will become.
Technological advances are changing our lives very rapidly. Nowadays we can't do without such gadgets as mobile phones, PCs, digital tape recorders, air conditioners, fax machines and so on. Many people feel ill without their laptop computers or GPS navigation systems.
In my opinion, technology facilitates our lives and saves our time.

Computers help us do the most difficult sums and investigate complicated data. People do business, communicate and do the shopping via the Internet. It is much easier to do housework nowadays, thanks to electric equipment such as microwave ovens, washing machines and so on.
However, many people say that technology makes us lazier and weaker. For example, such technological developments as the telephone and the Internet have made communication much easier, but they can cause the loss of social interaction. A lot of people prefer communicating through a keyboard than face to face. That is why people don't meet as often as they did in the past. A lot of people are fond of watching TV and playing computer games. They spend hours in front of the screen. They have no time to read books or to communicate with their friends. They move less, speak less and they even think less. Of course, such way of life does much harm to their health.

To sum up, people should continue to develop technology, but they must do it wisely. Otherwise we may regret in the future.


Some people say that technical devices do more harm than good. However, others think that it is impossible to live without computers or mobile phones nowadays.
Nowadays people can't imagine their lives without different technical devices. Every day we use computers, laptops, mobile phones, i-Pods, digital tape recorders and so on.
I have always wondered if our lives could be better without these technical devices. Personally, I can't do without my computer as it helps me study. For example, it helps me prepare reports and create beautiful presentations. Besides, the computer is a great source of entertainment. I often play computer games, watch films or listen to music. The Internet helps me learn the latest news, access useful information, communicate with my friends. A mobile phone is a vital part of my daily life. It gives me an opportunity to be reachable everywhere and to keep in touch with my friends.

However, many people say that technical devices enslave those who use them. Besides, they do much harm to our health. For example, if people spend much time in front of the screen, they have problems with their eyesight and sleep. They don't go out or exercise, they feel exhausted and depressed. Computer games can cause addiction and make people aggressive. As for mobile phones, they use electromagnetic radiation which can influence our health in a negative way.

To conclude, I would prefer a technological way of life to a natural one, though it has a number of disadvantages. In my opinion, modern society can't do without progress and technology. People can avoid the risk to human life and health if they use technological devices wisely.


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Bilder von der Siegesparade auf dem Roten Platz in Moskau am 9. Mai 2010 | Mobile telephones have become very popular nowadays. However, some people say that their use should be restricted.
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