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Spark Plugs Condition Chart



Electrode gap check - use a wire type gauge for best results.

Electrode gap adjustment- bend the side electrode correct tool.




Normalcondition - A brown, tan or grey firing end indicates that the engine is in good condition and that the plug type is correct.

Ash deposits- Light brown deposits encrusted on the electrodes and insulator, leading to misfire and hesitation. Caused by excessive amounts of oil in the combustion chamber or poor quality fuel/oil.




Carbon fouling- Dry, black sooty deposits leading to misfire and weak spark. Caused by an over-rich fuel/air mixture, faulty choke operation or blocked air filter.

Oil fouling- Wet oily deposits leading to misfire and weak spark. Caused by oil leakage past piston rings or valve guides (4-stroke engine), or excess lubricant (2-stroke engine).




Overheating - A blistered white insulator and glazed electrodes. Caused by ignition system fault, incorrect fuel, or cooling system fault.

Worn plug- Worn electrodes will cause poor starting in damp or cold conditions and will also waste fuel.


Whether carrying out a routine service or rebuilding the engine, Haynes SHOWS YOU HOW and SAVES YOU MONEY.

i.n B00O Miles/12.000 km or 12 months

"B9i _^


Honda CB500 models covered by this manual:

CB500 499cc '93 to '01


499cc '98 to '01

Step-by-step instructions

clearly linked to hundreds of photos and illustrations guide you through each job.

Spanner ratingsgrade all tasks by experience level - from simple servicing jobs for beginners through to more difficult tasks for the expert.

Haynes Hintsand Tool Tips

give you valuable 'inside' information such as ways of removing parts without using special tools.

Inside this Manual

Model historyand Performance data in colour.

♦ Complete guide to servicingand routine maintenance.

Engineand transmission- servicing and overhaul.

Cooling system- checks and remedies.

Fueland ignition systemsexplained.

Suspension and steering- adjustment and overhaul.


Braking system- safety checks and repairs.

Electrical system- fault finding and repairs.

♦ Comprehensive colour wiring diagrams.

♦ 18 page Tools & Workshop Tipssection in colour.

Fault findingchecklist and equipment to pinpoint specific problems.

Fully indexedto help you find information easily.


ISBN 1 85960 753 5 9 81859"o07534" "These Manuals are essential reading for any biker tackling his own servicing..." Motor Cycle News ".../ couldn't live without my Haynes..." Superbike Haynes Publishing. Sparklord. Yeovil. Somerset BA22 7JJ England, www.haynes.co.uk UPC CODE o z -J s: i G a o B 6 '"■9941400093"" 7


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