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B Check that all the marks are in alignment

20Except in cases of oil starvation, thecamchain wears very little. Honda specify no service limit for the camchain, but if the chain has stretched excessively, which makes it difficult to maintain proper tension, replace it with a new one (see Section 27).

21 Check the camchain upper guide for wear or damage. If it is worn or damaged, the condition of the camchain will be doubtful. Refer to Section 27 for camchain renewal.

22Check the sprockets on each camshaft for wear, cracks and other damage. If the sprockets are worn or damaged, the condition of the camchain will be doubtful. In these circumstance, it is also important to check the condition of the camchain sprocket on the crankshaft (see Section 27). The camchain sprockets are integral with the camshafts and the crankshaft and cannot be renewed separately. If severe wear is apparent, the entire engine should be disassembled for inspection.


23Make sure the bearing surfaces on the
camshafts and in the holders are clean, then
apply a 50/50 mixture of molybdenum
disulphide grease and engine oil to each of

them. Also apply it to the camshaft lobes and the followers.

24 The camshafts and holders must be installed in their correct locations according to their identification marks (see Steps 5 and 6).

25Verify that the line next to the 'O' mark on the alternator rotor is still aligned with the notches in the timing inspection hole (see illustration 9.3a).Ensure that the camchain is properly located on the crankshaft sprocket before engaging it with the camshaft sprockets as the camshafts are installed -keep the front run of the camchain tight (see illustration).Make sure all the marks are in exact alignment (see Step 3) (see illustration).Take extra care at this stage as it is easy to be one tooth out on the timing without it appearing as a drastic misalignment of the timing marks.

26Make sure the camshaft holder dowels are in position then fit the holders, making sure they are in their correct location (see Step 5) (see illustration).Position the upper camchain guide, making sure that it is the right way round (see Step 5) (see illustration).Apply clean engine oil to the threads and seating surfaces of the camshaft holder bolts and install the bolts finger-tight. Tighten the bolts evenly and a little at a time in a criss-cross pattern to the torque setting specified at the beginning of the Chapter. Whilst tightening the bolts, make sure the holders are being pulled squarely down and are not binding on the dowels. When you have finished, check that each camshaft is not pinched by turning the engine a few degrees in each direction. Caution: The holders are likely to break if they are not tightened down evenly and squarely.

27 Install the camchain tensioner (see Section 8).

28 Turn the engine until the line next to the T mark on the alternator rotor aligns with the notches in the timing inspection hole and the




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