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Unscrew the bolts and lift off the valve 7.8a Apply sealant to the valve cover ... cover

B ... and the cut-outs in the cylinder





7.8c Install the cover gasket with the IN mark (arrowed) pointing to the rear


1 On SW, SX and SY models, remove the fairing; on R, T, V, W, X and Y models remove the radiator side panels (see Chapter 8). Remove the fuel tank (see Chapter 4).

2 Remove the thermostat assembly (see Chapter 3) and detach the sub-air cleaner (see illustration 5.8b).

3Disconnect the valve cover breather hose from the air filter housing (see illustration 5.8a).

4 Disconnect the HT leads from the spark plugs and secure them clear of the engine, noting which fits where.

5 Unscrew the four bolts securing the valve cover. Remove the bolts and their sealing washers fitted in the cover. Lift the cover off the cylinder head (see illustration). Ifit is stuck, do not try to lever it off with a screwdriver. Tap it gently around the sides

7.9a Install cover bolt sealing washers with UP showing...

with a rubber hammer or block of wood to dislodge it. Remove the gasket.


6Examine the valve cover gasket and the rubber washers for signs of damage or deterioration and renew them if necessary.

7 Clean the mating surfaces of the cylinder head and the valve cover with lacquer thinner, acetone or brake system cleaner.

8 Apply a smear of a suitable sealant to the valve cover and into the cutouts in the cylinder head (see illustrations).Install the gasket onto the valve cover. The gasket is marked 'IN' which should be on the inlet side (rear) of the cover. Making sure the gasket is fitted correctly (see illustration).

9The valve cover must be installed with the breather pointing to the rear. Position the valve cover on the cylinder head, making sure the gasket stays in place. If removed, fit the sealing washers into the cover, using new ones if required, and making sure they are

7.9b... then install the bolts and tighten to specified torque

installed with the 'UP' mark facing up (see illustration).Install the cover bolts and tighten them to the torque setting specified at the beginning of the Chapter (see illustration).Install the remaining components in the reverse order of removal.


Camchain tensioner -

removal and installation

Note:This procedure can be carried out with the engine in the frame. If the engine has been removed, ignore the steps that do not apply.


1Unscrew the camchain tensioner centre bolt and sealing washer (see illustration).If the Honda locking key or ahome-made equivalent is available, insert it into the centre bolt hole so that it engages the slotted plunger. Turn the key fully clockwise then


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