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Comments on Benjamin Fulford video announcement

Question: how do you know the motivations of these people and the real reason and purpose of why they are doing it, and giving all these promises and pronouncing all these threats on behalf of the mankind? How COULD you know it, especially if we consider that there isn't even a shred of evidence available to support all their great claims, including those in Fulford reports?

In literally all of his reports he is constantly saying that the Sabbateans are falling and their days are numbered and that countless representatives of the "power elite" were arrested, all sorts of things were destroyed, including some of their underground bases and cities, and on and on and on. He even goes as far as to claim that the military top brass is no longer with the ZioNazi mafia and they are not submitting to the orders of the politicians.

Strange. But who is the commander-in-chief of the whole military machine but the president? And what does it mean - not to comply with the orders up the chain of the military command? Well, it is called TREASON, at least when we talk about the top military brass. Furthermore, all the claims of dismissal of dozens of top military, who served the evil sound a bit unreal. Who dismissed them an on what grounds and where it can be verified? The question arises: WHO appoints the top military brass in their positions? Could not the president, being a commander-in-chief, simply appoint the person who is going to obediently follow all the orders?

Furthermore, there exists an information about the fact that Obama does indeed carry out the military "cleanup" procedure, but for reasons contrary to those mentioned by Fulford. Obama has a new test for "reliability" of military command: are they ready to shoot at their own civil population? If not, they are dismissed.

WHERE is the EVIDENCE of ANY of his claims?

There is a saying: "don't say hop before you leap over a rope".

Because to defeat evil is not the easiest thing to do. Many tried throughout centuries, but evil remains as strong as ever and only gets stronger every day.

The first thing that comes to mind when Chodoin Daikaku speaks is his chainsaw-like angry tone of voice, at times shouting some things out in such a strain, that it is hard to believe, instead of simply stating what he has to say without even raising the voice. This is not how really strong people talk. His general tone of voice and what he said seems like the dictates and demands of some dictator or a mafia boss. He talks about peace and prosperity, but with such a seeming anger, that it creates an impression: God forbid for people like these to come even close to any kind of power or authority.

Even the dictators like Stalin did not speak like this, if you know who Stalin was. He talks like he OWNS the world, throwing out the ultimatums and demands to the "banking mafia" or the Illuminati "elite". But on what authority does he speak like this? The authority of a THREAT of "200 million martial arts fighters" whom he can order to do anything he wants? Does it makes sense?

His angry look and manners and his dress look strange. He is dressed in black color clothes and yellow jacket and wears a black hat of a Charlie Chaplin style. He looks more like a clown in a circus then the head of martial arts societies. Strange.

Could not he put on something more appropriate for such a high title as his? Japan has rich traditions of clothing, especially if you consider the context, which is bringing Good to this planet. It seems that something more spiritual, something that reflects CONSCIOUSNESS would be appropriate. Because in the kind of clothes he wears he looks like a boss of some martial arts fight event, collecting the percentage of the money won or lost on bets.

There seems to be not even a trace of spirituality in him. But how can you win nothing less than the evil itself by any means other then spiritual?

The whole "announcement" looks like some kind of a power struggle and these people seem to be obsessed with power as a goal in itself. It creates an impression of a megalomania syndrome ruling the minds of the participants of this presentation.

Secondly, in terms of a kind of evil that rules the world, what is the point of threatening them like a powerless kid that got mistreated by some bully? Won't the "banking mafia" and satanists simply laugh at these kinds of childish threats, showing nothing more then weakness? Wouldn't it be more beneficial just to do what can be done instead of disclosing your plans to them? What does it help?

That is NOT how you show them your "power". And this is not how you solve the problems these people are talking about here. The problems of the world can not be solved via methods like these and the entire history is a living proof of that. This isn't even funny.

Thirdly, sure it all sounds great on paper. But all these things are well known by now and anyone, who has spent at least some time studying the issues, knows every single thing they have disclosed in this "announcement". There is nothing new in any of this including the promises of the "bright future of mankind", just as we can see with this "quantum transition" hype all over the net.

ALL of it could very well be interpreted as an attempt to console your minds and make you passive and stop doing anything you really can, and instead, fill you with hope for some "knight on a white horse", who came to save the world. ALL you have to do is WAIT and do nothing. He will do all the miracles for you. And meanwhile your very last crumbs of freedom left are being taken away from you every single day.

Yes, one thing seems to be certain: the satanists from the "banking mafia" that run the world are indeed afraid of the people. They could care less about any big mouths. But you, as the people of the world, is a different thing. For one thing, without you, even if you are converted into the slaves literally, there is nothing they can do and their whole "kingdom" turns into a puppet theater of illusion if there is no people.

People as a whole is what they ARE afraid the most. It is people who do the work and create all the real wealth. But the ZioNazi "banking mafia" and the Illuminati satanists know only one thing - parasitism. It is even forbidden for them to work. Because it lowers their "god-chosen" status and turns them into "animals", just like all non-Jews.

Because if majority of the people raise, there shall be no mercy. It is all about the PEOPLE raising up and doing what they can individually, no matter how small it may look on paper. There are no "small" things in GOOD deeds. Even the smallest one counts higher than all the evil combined. THAT is the issue the humanity is facing. And humanity at large is at sleep, snoring, and swallowing all the unimaginable garbage they are bing fed to zombify their minds.

Fourthly, both, Benjamin Fulford and Alexander Romanoff say "we're going to remove them" (Cabal) THIS year, which was 2012 at the time. And what has changed in the world since then? Who has been removed since then?

Finally, Fulford clearly sides with these people like they are all from the same alliance, by saying "WE" [will do this or that], which means he is one of them and not merely some "spokesman" of theirs. Furthermore, by the sheer fact that he is called a "spokesman" for the White Dragon society it means he is one of them, and his quite favorable remarks about the "gnostic" Illuminati in his reports means he does support them. It is pretty much clear on its face value.

The "announcement" ends quite oddly by Alexander Romanoff addressing the queen of England and saying "Isis is upset and wants her crown back". Is it what people care about in the situation they are in? What does it matter who has or has not a crown and what is the meaning of the crown except for symbolic significance?

As to Alexander Romanoff, as he is called here, it is not clear who he is in terms of relationship to the Romanoffs' dynasty. He claims to be the heir to the Russian throne, but there is no indication from the historians that a single member of the Nikolas [Nikolai] II family has survived the execution. The whole point of that execution was the destruction of the very bloodline of Romanoffs. And it was ordered by the Rothschild in order to erase the entire bloodline, so there would be no possibility in the future to reclaim the throne of Russia on legal grounds.

And the throne can not be reclaimed by any other means. It is inherited either the by bloodline or an assignment of a legally valid Sovereign, the Tsar himself. In fact, some historians claim that there isn't even a provision to renounce the throne, and, therefore, the renunciation by the Nicholas II was legally invalid.

So, even to conceive that there would survive a single person in Romanoff dynasty is simply bizarre. Even bringing up the very issue of Romanoffs, just as Fulford did with the Chinese dynasty and the throne of England, is by itself unreal. What does it change? What does it solve? What does it rectify? The question arises: are these people merely obsessed with power and domination, just like the ZioNazi satanists and the Illuminati evil worshipers?

Are they trying to restore the dynastic rule on this planet and bring back the monarchies? In that case, it contradicts the assertions of "Alexander Romanoff" about the purpose of revolutions, which was to destroy the "tyranny of monarchies" as he classifies it. In other words, the whole thing looks simply bizarre and self-contradictory in the most significant aspects.

The "bottom line" is: it is up to YOU to decide what it all means, and do not forget that the very purpose of it may be not what anybody tells you, trying to console your minds and make you passive and submissive. Your politicians also tell you about the "bright future of mankind", "freedom and democracy" and the rest of it every time they open their lying mouths. So, the question remains: what is the difference between all these tales and what you hear from a zombie box, called TV every day?

How do you know their agenda is that, which they are feeding you, talking about "justice", ending the poverty and restoring the balance of nature?

The masonic and Illuminati slogan "freedom, equality and brotherhood" was described in The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion as "the poison of liberalism".

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, Victor E. Marsden version

And do not forget: the REAL power lies in YOUR hands as the people and not in the hands of some "noble knight on a white horse" who promises you "to save the world", and not in the hands of some martial arts society and not in the hands of the "Illuminati", gnostic or not.

If you remain passive and take all these tales like a gospel, the result will be inevitable. If you do not reclaim your dignity and self-worth and your creativity, then WHO is going to do it for you, even if they could? Because even if you are "helped" with some magic tricks, but remain blind as you are, you will INEVITABLY end up in the same ditch you are in, if not worse than that.

It is YOU, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU, and your impetus to be, your INTEREST in being, creates the world you wish to live in, EXACTLY according to a degree of your awareness and SEEING. And if the world you see around is not the one you wish to live in, then CHANGE it. You have ALL the power and the abilities necessary to do so. There is no power that can prevent you from doing it, for this is the LAW, the law of LIFE itself.

And every time anyone mentions the REVOLUTION, beware - they are dragging you directly into HELL itself, and the result will be the same as always - rivers of blood, misery and poverty and injustice of even bigger proportions than what you have on your hands right now.

It is through your consciousness and awareness you even BEGIN to see the REAL solutions, and not through any kind of violence. If you are blind and refuse to SEE, the result will be inevitable: "Blind leading the blind will fall into a ditch"

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