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Video Announcement by Benjamin Fulford

Here is a 15 minute video of the statements made by them, which is quite revealing. Interesting claim is made by Chodoin Daikaku, allegedly the "head of the world's martial art societies" about 200 million members of the martial arts societies he can summon immediately "in case of emergency". Naturally, the question arises: are they his SLAVES to follow his orders? How does he know all of them are going to join his efforts and respond to his call, even if he IS the head of all of them which seems to be strange by itself? Will he even ask them if they are willing and interested to support him? And support him in WHAT action or campaign? Or are they like members of Mafia, who are to follow blindly and obediently whatever "orders" they are given? How could anyone in his clear mind support such things or believe even a word of it? The whole thing is quite bizarre.

One thing remains to be seen is WHO and for what purpose has created and authorised this show if not to make everyone passive and convinced that some magic "power" will come and save them. All you have to do is sit and wait for the "bright future" to arrive and do nothing of what you CAN do.

Benjamin Fulford video announcement

Benjamin Fulford video announcement

Here is a transcript of that "announcement":

March 27, 2012

BF: My fellow humans,

I am Benjamin Fulford, a spokesperson for the Write Dragon Society. With me here is Hodoin (Chodoin) Daikaku. He is a head of the world's martial arts societies, and if necessary, and in emergency, he can summon up an army of 200 million people worldwide.

Here, on my right is Alexander Romanoff, who is a grandmaster of the Illuminati group that claims to have started the French and American and Russian revolutions.

As you may know, there has been a battle going on for the future of this planet. The western countries have been taken over by a Mafia organization, all composed of members of the same clan and they are not Jews, OK, they worship Lucifer.

Comment: Regarding "and they are not Jews", here is what ADL President Abraham Foxman, a Jew, says on this matter:

ADL President Abraham Foxman: speech about destruction of white race and ZioNazi world domination

And this discredits Fulford completely.

And they want a world government controlled by them with the rest in perpetual debt slavery and drudgery and with no hope of ever ruling our own destinies.

We offer a very different vision:

We offer world peace.

We offer a 100 thousand dollars for every man, woman and child to be delivered in form of schools, hospitals, free education, nature preserves and all different things that most people want.

We all want to stop world poverty. We want to stop the environmental destruction and we all wish to have a prosperous and happy and peaceful future, and that's the alternative we are offering. Thank you.

AR (Alexander Romanoff): Hi, yes, thank you. This the first time I've ever been on this kind of show, so, I would like to thank Mr. Chodoin for having me. I understand Mr. Chodoin is a good friend of Vladimir Putin, his teacher in fact.

So, I'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate Mr. Putin upon his election victory. He has done an outstanding job in my view, of rescuing Russia from the parasites, who try take over in a Gorbachev era. He is clearly the most meritorious and best qualified person to lead Russia, as was demonstrated by the will of the Russian people in the election.

[Comment: Winning the election, in itself, does not necessarily mean that he is the best qualified person and most "meritorious", just as evidence in the USA shows. ALL the presidents, at least since Roosevelt, "won" the election. But some say: "the president will be the one, chosen by the Rothschilds."]

Now, in the western media there have been reports of fraudulent flawed elections, so I wanna say two things. Firstly, a corporate controlled mainstream media is a joke, an embarrassment and disgrace. It does not really matter what they say.

And, secondly, as far as fraudulence and flawed election goes, surely the biggest example is the American elections.

What choices do people have?

- Two super rich, corporate based, a, candidates, regardless of who wins, they represent the super rich (indistinguishable word), the one percent.

So, that's my opinion. And good luck to Mr. Putin. I hope he continues to do a very good job, as he has done so far.

BF (Benjamin Fulford): speaks in Japanese.

CD: speaks in Japanese in horrible screeching voice.

BF translates: You know, in this era of confusion and turbulence you need leader who has a WORLD view, a universe view, a powerful leader.

CD (CD): speaks in Japanese.

BF translates: In order to have a world peace and humanity united in harmony, you need friends.

CD: speaks in Japanese.

BF translates: Putin, may be one of the people who can do this.

CD: speaks in Japanese.

BF translates: He is one of the leaders, who came in this time of change on our planet. And I have proposed also to the Japanese government and peoples to setup an international, meritocratically staffed organization called the international economic planning agency that'll have 200 times more money than the world bank spends.

And we can accomplish the job of ending poverty and stopping the environmental destruction within a matter of MONTHS.

Instead we have a war-mongering, incompetent criminals, who have no idea of how to run the planet, who, somehow found themselves in charge and thought they were God.

AR interrupts:

I, I disagree with that a little bit. I think these people, who are ruling the planet, know EXACTLY what they are doing. They are not stupid. You see, you have this, the way I see it, you have this one planet here, and with 7 billion inhabitants.

And, for some reason, there is a very small number, a tiny small number of a very small minority of people, who think that this planet belongs to them, and that they can do whatever they want with it. And they have been doing this for, for forever.

Now, and it's time that this ended. You know, who ARE these people? Who died and left any in charge?

Well, one good thing is we know EXACTLY who they are. And it's not even the one percent. The one percent have nothing to fear from the revolution.

[Comment: REVOLUTION? WHAT "revolution"? And what was the end result of ALL the "revolutions" besides destruction, poverty and ALL sorts of violence and rivers of blood?]

Its the inner circle of the one percent. It is a group of roughly six thousand of the individuals, mostly old men, and we call them the Old World Order. We know EXACTLY who they are.

The Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Jewish bankers in Wall Street, Goldman Sachs, ah, what do you call them, the Bushes and the Clintons.

And on the other side of the Atlantic you have the Vatican and queen Elisabeth in England. These people have ruled this world. FOREVER! For their own personal benefit.

The hell with everyone else. These people have EVERYTHING. How much more do they need?

They would never stop, and the hell with everyone else. And half the world's population lives in utter poverty and misery while these people just have more and more and more, and it will never stop.

So, the time has come for us to stop 'em. And, and this is what we will do THIS year [2012].

BF: They call the people "their subjects", which means literally a slave. They think of us as slaves. We're not slaves. We want our freedom. We want to choose our own future for ourselves. We don't want nasty, low paying jobs and a boring future with a media that lies to us day-in, day-out.

They've tried to dumb us down, drum us up, reduce our population by planting the infertility drugs in various household products, and they're doing things, for example, Bill Gates foundation, RIGHT NOW, in Africa, is forcing people, at gun point, families, at gun point, to sterilize their daughters with vaccines.

(Shouting) THESE are the kind of people we don't want in power any more. And we're going to remove them. That's the promise: THIS YEAR [2012].

BF asks: Do you have anything else to say?

CD: In Japanese.

BF translates: OK, he saying that the reason that Putin is strong and desirable leader is because he studied Judo. He has a fifth degree black belt in Judo, and it's the Japanese spirit of Pusido (?), and the martial arts that gave him his strength.

[Comment: but what does Judo have to do with running the world or even a country? Do they learn how to run the country on a rational basis in Judo classes? Or is it just a fighting school, and if so, would you like a bully to run the country?]

CD: In Japanese.

BF translates: Yes, the international associations of Bushido, Karate, Judo, Kun-Fu etc. can muster worldwide, at any give time, 200 million people. And they only fight under the code of chivalry, which is you don't attack women, children and non-combatants, which is what the other side has been doing.

CD: In Japanese.

BF translates: Yes, he believes that with a Putin's help and with martial arts societies worldwide we can cause major change, and of course, the Illuminati, who are throughout the western intelligence agencies, military, and this is not the Italian Illuminati, this is the Gnostic Illuminati.

[Comment: but what is "gnostic" Illuminati? ALL the Illuminati are "gnostic" in a sense that they believe in some deity, a god-like figure. Except with the Illuminati, yes, their "god" is indeed Lucifer, just as their own representatives clearly state on record. And yes, they do practice the "negative approach" of "serving ones own interests", introduced by Lucifer on this planet, just as the "revelations of the insider" state, and, specifically, the third one, from the Hidden_Hand.

See: Window of Opportunity
(Revelations of the Insider - 3)

But the very notion of the Illuminati came with the secret society created by the Rothschilds with the hands of Adam Weishaupt in 1776. Before that time there wasn't any "illuminati" movement besides the "age of enlightenment". Yes, they do use the concept of "enlightenment", borrowed from the east. But no one on the east, or west, for that matter, ever known to be the Illuminist.

Therefore, where is the very basis for distinction between the regular Illuminati and the "gnostic" version of it, worshipping Lucifer? Furthermore, the goals of both are the "New World Oder". So, what's the quarrel between them?

  • Both of them offer "the paradise on earth without God", and "happiness" and "bliss" unlike you've ever seen before.
  • Both of them claim the Christianity is "evil" and is a way to control the herd in a slave-like manner.
  • Both of them claim that the square purpose of religions is to enslave the mankind.
  • Both of them want to get away from the idea of money and create a single worldwide "empire".

The "regular" Illuminati claim the world has to be ruled by a single ruler - the tyrant with absolute and unquestionable authority. But what do the "gnostic" Illuminati think on this matter? WHO should "rule" the world?]

And they want the "meritocracy", ruled by the people who are the best, people, who worked their way up the system, not people, who are born into it and given it, have it given to them even though they often not very bright. That is not a good way to have a planet run.

[Comment: the concept of meritocracy was favored and promoted by the "enlightened master" - "Osho" or "Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh", whose real name was Chandra Mohan Jain, in the 80's of the 20-th century.

Yes, it does make SOME sense. Because with "democracy" you simply elect ANYONE, regardless of his knowledge, experience and skills, or even education, for that matter. As a result, in Russia, for example, they have elected monsters and brainless animals to rule the country.

In "democracy", as long as you can lie and as long as you have tons of money to spend on your election campaigns, you will win the elections. The bigger liar you are, the more ruthless you are, the bigger thief and a criminal you are, the more dishonest you are, the more chance for you to win the elections.

In that sense, meritocracy does make some sense. But there is "but". In monarchies, the heir to the throne, from his early childhood, received the best education in the most diverse areas and disciplines, including logic, diplomacy, statehood, military affairs, philosophy, science and so on. As a result, when child grew up, he was fully able to take the obligations and responsibilities of a throne.

But what is "meritocracy"? What is the very notion of a "merit"? How do you obtain those "merits" and what kind of "merits" CAN you obtain and where? Do these "gnostic Illuminati" realise the significance of the notion of "merit"?]

They want a transparent pyramid, that anybody COULD CLIMB TO THE TOP and everybody could see how they got there and why they got there. We don't want hidden people using secret societies, murder, bribery and lies, to rule us for selfish purposes.

[Comment: and this is EXACTLY where this "gnostic" Illuminati "grand master" exposes himself - with the notion of "climbing to the top", which is ugliness in its purest sense.

This notion is purely the capitalistic concept based on EXPLOITATION, animosity and struggle as reflected in the Illuminati concept of a "permanent revolution", even though it is much more involved than that.

Thus, "climbing" to some "top" of some imaginary "pyramid". And it is the very roots of the vicious "rat-race" of people being reduced to the level of forever "competing" animals, and vicious ones at that, fighting each other to "win" something, taken from others. This is one of the roots of evil and a concept of "negative approach" of Lucifer of "serving ones own interests".

This is that, which is one of the very roots of the "regular" Illuminati and this is that, which created the HELL on Earth.

What is this "climbing to the top" notion? Isn't it EXACTLY the same thing that we have now - the world of "achieving", "winning" and "defeating"? The world of climbing on the backs and necks of others? Then what IS the difference between this satanic notion of "climbing to the top" of "gnostic" Illuminati and the regular Illuminati satanists and the ZioNazi "banking mafia"?

The very concept of "climbing to the top" creates the very notion of animosity and a warfare-like existence of constant "fighting", "defeating" and "winning", which is sickness. And, interestingly enough, it is a result and a byproduct of the inferiority complex in most cases. If you feel confident in yourself and you are creative, what is the need to "prove" something by "climbing to the top"? - You know full well that you will be able to support yourself with your skills and creativity.

Because the very world can not exist without creativity and competence. The very "wealth" is created via creativity, and once you allow it within yourself, the very fear of "survival" disappears and there is nowhere to "climb". For what? In climbing, there is nothing but trouble. Because others also want to "climb" there. So, the fight is inevitable.

In this concept of "climbing" there is no notion of brotherhood and equality of all before God - The Infinite, All Pervading and Ever Expanding Intelligence of The One.

The very notion of "climbing to the top" creates that WAR that never ends and which you can see throughout times. This is NOT The Providence or The "Plan" of The One that stood at the beginning of all the worlds and galaxies and the Universes.

"Climbing to the top" is a straight way to HELL, which is what you have as a mankind right now. Because it not only does not have the very notion of Love, but it, by necessity, DENIES it, AS SUCH.]

Those days are over. Humanity will be set free.

[Comment: what AUTHORITY does this Illuminati "grandmaster" have to make such proclamations and on what basis?

There is no power on this planet that has enough authority to make proclamations with certainty as to what WILL happen in the future. They can only hope and do their best. But what WILL happen - is not to anyone to know. You just "do your own thing" and be good to others and all forms of life. And respect Life and your ability to experience the Growth of Intelligence as the greatest Treasure. That is ALL that is required from you.

And, just like Jesus said: LOVE each other, like I loved you. And do to others what you want to be done to you. And that is exactly what the law of Karma states: That, which you send or do to others, WILL return back to you, and, possibly, even magnified. It is only a matter of time and your readiness and maturity to experience that, which you have done to others, be it disharmonious or even harmonious and Life-Affirming action.

For this is the LAW, the Law of Existence Itself. And this is the Law of Intelligence. This is how it evolves. It is that balance that perpetuates Life itself.]

AR interrupts:

I, I, I like what Hodoin said earlier about Japanese TV, and, of course, that applies to the media everywhere, designed specifically to dumb everyone down, just to laugh at whatever nonsense and not think for themselves.

BF interrupts: And so is the education system. Its designed to compartmentalize your brain. Everybody in the high level education system is trained to think inside a box, not outside of that box. The specific category of knowledge and thinking. You don't want people to know what's really going on.

AR interrupts: Can I say one last thing, just one last thing, and this is a little bit different. It concerns the secret of the Illuminati. And, the only other time of being on video was with Benjamin, and what I said was that the great secret the Illuminati are keeping is that the Abraham, a God, he's in fact Satan, which is of course have to be truth.

But we have known this for thousands of years, ever since the ancient Gnostics. That the god of the Jews, the Christians and the Muslims is none other than the devil.

[Comment: this is simply not true, at least as far as Christians go, even though there are different fractions and there are fanatical believers and there are those, who were simply blind accepting the satanic dectrine of Deuteronomy as a part of christian teaching.

Nevertherless, Jesus specifically stated about his "Father" that He(It) is The One. In other words, Jesus referred not to some Abraham or anyone else. He referred to that, which was before the Initial Manifestations, before the first "word", before anything existing as we know as worlds and galaxies.

There is a book, or rather a series of books called "The Law of One" which addresses this issue, and there is also The Urantia Book that covers this issue extensively.

THE RA MATERIAL - The Law Of One: Book I

The Urantia Book
http://antimatrix.org/Convert/Books/Book_of_Urantia/En/index.htm ]

However, the REAL secret for fourteen thousand of years and the Illuminati have kept protected is evidence, which incontrovertibly proves the existence of technologically advanced pre-flood civilization.

I am talking about Atlantis. They were on par with our own technology. And this has been totally erased from our history. And why has this happened? Obviously, so they can insert this is devil. And in, in, in that way brainwash and control the human race, which are, which they have done exceedingly well.

But we have preserved this secret and we have the evidence, and we'll present that evidence, which PROVES the existence of Atlantis.

[Comment: So what? What does it CHANGE in principle in terms of what needs to be done in current situation?]

BF interrupts: And I want to make this very clear. The god of Jews is Yahweh, the creator of the Universe. We didn't create ourselves. Something created us. We all must respect the Creation and that means respecting nature and other human beings.

However, I have, by directly talking to the elite people, come to the understanding that they actually do worship Satan. Amazingly as it is, we are ruled by Satan worshipping gangsters. That is the horrendous FACT, that, a decades of a, you know, research in the field and through texts has shown to me.

And these people come out of woodwork. We know who they are. And they know we know who they are. And they're SCARED! And their only, only hope is to surrender A.S.A.P.

AR interrupts: Well, they had their time to surrender, and it looks like they're not gonna take it. So, we're gonna force 'em to surrender.

And just, just finally, I have a message, where am I speaking? - over there, and this is to queen Elisabeth, directly. Ah, ant Elisabeth, Isis is very upset. She wants her crown back.

BF: OK, thank you all for listening and remember, we all want world peace and end to poverty and end to environmental destruction and a future of wander and awe and pleasure, not this nightmare planet we have now. Thank you and bless you all.

AR: Thank you, (one word unclear) San for having me.


You can also listen to it in mp3 audio version in case that link goes away:

Benjamin Fulford video announcement (mp3 audio)

And here is an interesting page, alegedly from the real "Illuminati", accusing Benjamin Fulford and Alexander Romanoff.

About Benjamin Fulford, Alexander Romanoff and "real" "Illuminati".

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