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Pistons and piston rings

To disassemble a piston:

LP piston

A Remove all cooler covers except the cover for the air outlet.

BRemove the cylinder cover. (It is not necessary to remove the valves.)

CLoosen the crankshaft bearing bolts and remove the crankshaft housing.

DExtract the piston and connecting rod from cylinder.

HP piston

ALoosen the crankshaft bearing bolts and remove the crankshaft bearing housing.

BRotate the crank pin to the bottom and remove the connecting rod and piston through the crank case.

Reassemble in the reverse order.

Important: It is very important to protect the crank pins, since even minor damage may necessitate replacement of the crankshaft. Therefore, always wrap a cloth around the exposed crank pins while working in the crankcase.

Fig. 5.2 Piston rings


It is important for correct operation of the compressor that the LP and HP coolers are kept clean of coke deposits and other deposits from the cooling water. Inadequate cooling will result in a higher temperature of the compressed air, which will cause the progressive formation of coke.

The pipes are attached to the plates at each end of the coolers by rolling.

The seals in the ends of the coolers are of O-ring type of special quality, and only original O-rings shall be used.

To remove the pipes, first loosen the cooler covers at both ends. The entire pipe assembly can now be removed with the aid of two control rods which are pushed through the pipes. Reassembly takes place in the reverse order.

When the pipe assembly is removed, care must be taken to ensure that the locating surfaces of the O-rings are not scratched. Any such scratches which may occur can be removed with fine emery powder.

All seals and O-rings must be renewed after the cooler cover has been removed from the compressor.

If the cooler pipes show any signs of corrosion or wear, they should be replaced.


The air filteris cleaned using a high quality degreasing agent. Clean the filter with compressed air and apply a thin layer of compressor oil.

The oil filtershould be replaced as a single unit. The recommended replacement interval is every 1000 operating hours.



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