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True or False Statements

1.Everyone in the world knows who Mother Teresa was.

2.Agnes chose the name Teresa when she joined a group of nuns in In­dia.

3.Sister Teresa had worked at St. Mary's school for 20 years and eventu­ally became a principal.

4.Sister Teresa was rarely concerned about the convent where the school

5.She decided to go to work with the poor because she didn't like her
work at school.

6.Sister Teresa was the only nun in the school she opened.


Multiple Choice Questions

1. Mother Teresa became famous because she...

A. started a hospital; B. was a good teacher; C. knew everything about everybody;

D. lived her life to help others.

2. When Agnes was 18 years old, she went to...

A. Macedonia. B. Mexico; C. India. D. Indonesia.

3. Sister Teresa lived and worked in the convent in Calcutta for...

A. two years; B. twelve years; C. twenty years; D. twenty two years.

4. Right after Sister Teresa had left the convent, she...

A. went to hospital to learn to take care of sick people; B. went to Calcutta; C. travelled around the world to accept awards; D. went to St. Mary's School.

5. Sister Teresa decided to work with the poor...

A. when she did charity with her mother; B. when she saw sick and dying people lying on dirty streets; C. when she asked people for help; D. when she opened her school.

6. Mother Teresa's first school...

A. taught religious subjects only; B. was very small and simple; C. wasn't liked by the people of Calcutta; D. had clean buildings and beautiful lawns.

Complete the sentences.

1) She never wanted … , but everyone in the world knew who she was.

2) Even as a child, Agnes wanted to be … .

3) During all those years, … Teresa was always concerned about how other people lived.

4) First, she went to … to learn to take care of sick people.

5) She also taught them how to keep … and stay … .

6) By 1990, the Missionaries of … were working in 400 centres around the world.

Make up four questions of different type to this text.





Choose the correct answers.

1.How are you getting on?

a) Nothing to boast of.

b)I am not getting on.

c) Early in the morning.

2. You enjoyed the play, didn't you?

a) Yes, you did.

b) No, I didn't.

c) Neither did I.

3. Will you be able to do this exercise?

a) I'm afraid it's impossible.

b) I'm afraid I will.

c) I'm afraid to do this exercise.

4. Thank you for inviting me to the party.

a) Will you invite me?

b) Here you are.

c) Oh, the pleasure was all mine.

5. What's the charge for a registered air-mail letter?

a)Sorry, I don't know.

b) Over there, into the mail-box.

c) About three or four days.

6. Excuse me, sir. I want to get to the hotel "Mir". Am I in the right bus?

a) No, not to the right. Turn left.

b) Yes, I'm going right up that way myself.

c) I don't want to speak to you right now.

Make up questions to your partner using the cues.

1.What/best theatre?

2. Ukrainian playwrights/like?

3. Youth Club/near?

4. prefer/travelling?

5. stay/hotel/cottage?

6. What sport/go in for?

7. ever/participate/competitions?

8. What/best Ukrainian teams?

Complete the following conversation. Imagine you are going to stay at a hotel in England.


Receptionist: Good afternoon. Can I help you? Visitor: ...

R: Do you have a reservation with us? V:...

R: Your name, please? V: ... R: OK. Let me see. You have a reservation for a single room.

Is that correct? V: ...

R: Have you already decided how many nights to stay? V: ... R: 65 dollars per night.

V . ...

R: Of course you may. Any time.

V: ...

R: You're welcome.

4. Describe the place, the people, and the situation in the pic­ture. Say where the people are, what they are doing. Make up a conversation between the people in the picture. (Hotel res­ervation.)


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