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How to Answer the Telephone When He Finally Calls

The telephone rings, she answers.

he Parisienne lets the phone ring. (She’s not waiting by the phone.)

She feigns surprise upon hearing his voice. (She wasn’t expecting his call.)

She asks if she can call him back in five minutes. (She’s in the middle of something.)

The thing is, she’s not alone … (Et oui: you should never have kept her waiting.)


The Parisienne’s signature item is that vital detail that brings her outfit together, from head to toe.

You don’t have to spend a decade’s worth of salary on your wardrobe, or flaunt designer brands the whole time. All you need is one signature item: the one you wear when you need to feel strong.

Not every Parisienne has a grandmother who opens her armoire and exclaims, “Take whatever you want, my dear!” Far from it. But no matter. The Parisienne is a bargain hunter, whether at the flea market or on eBay. This is where she finds the perfect item or accessory that she’ll wear for the rest of her life.

Whether it’s a trench coat, a pair of stilettos, or a leather purse, the item is precious. Take excellent care of it but, most important, wear it—with jeans, ballet flats, or a cargo jacket. Make sure to keep the rest of your outfit simple, so as to avoid looking like a Christmas tree.

Remember: your signature item is a piece that looks amazing on you; it drapes perfectly around your shoulders, it makes your every gesture seem effortless and graceful. The fabric is flawless and the finishes are perfect—but it should never be gaudy or loud.

A signature item never gives itself away. It’s timeless. It transcends fashion. It is discreet—the letters of the alphabet (two Cs, a large D; the combination of Y, S, and L) belong on an ophthalmologist’s chart. For the Parisienne, luxury should never be spelled out.

The signature item is a gift that a woman gives herself depending on her age, her taste, and the size of her purse. It is a symbol of independence and freedom, which states, “I bought this for myself. I earned it and it makes me happy.”

The signature item is an attitude. It is the gun in your holster that makes you feel well dressed and invincible.

Au Naturel

It is almost impossible to resolve the great mystery of what is natural. Because, in fact, nothing is natural. Parisiennes will have you believe that they are born with perfect skin and delightfully messy hair. That from the cradle onward they exude a scent worthy of Chanel N°5. That these “natural” attributes are a heritage that cannot be explained.

They are all lying.

Au naturel is the fruit of hard labor, meticulously passed down from generation to generation. What follows is a series of unusual tips that could be summed up as follows: how to take care of yourself while giving the impression that you don’t take care of yourself. It is the art of beauty—the Parisian way.

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