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Scientists say the fast food is unhealthy but teenagers canít stop eating it. What do you think about it?

Now letís talk about national cuisine of an English-speaking country. What do people eat in Britain?


English cooking is heavy, substantial and plain. The Englishman likes a good breakfast. To him a good breakfast means milk and cereal, toasts with jam and marmalade, fruit juice, tea or coffee. The traditional English breakfast consists of bacon, eggs, sausage, tomato and fried bread. But people donít eat it very often now.

Lunch is at about 12 or 1 oíclock. At lunchtime people usually only have a break of an hour, so they often just have a sandwich or a snack. In some shops they sell an amazing number of different sandwiches. Most people buy their food from supermarkets: fresh food and convenience food. You donít prepare convenience food; you just put it in the oven or the microwave, even the traditional roast beef and Yorkshire pudding.

Most people have their main meal in the evening, and dinner, the evening meal, is usually at about 6 or 7 oíclock. People have meat or fish and vegetables. Pizza and pasta are popular, too. But people donít just eat at home, they also go out. And they donít always eat British food. Britain has a lot of foreign restaurants, and British people like food from all over the world. London has restaurants from over 42 different countries. Chinese and Indian restaurants are very popular, and so are Thai and Italian. The British also go out to eat traditional food, like fishíníchips, and it isnít expensive.

The famous 5 oíclock tea is more of a legend than a reality, this tradition is seldom observed nowadays. But tea is certainly the most popular drink with the British, they like it white with cakes and biscuits.

Do you personally follow the rules of healthy way of life? Why (not)?

Yes, I do, because I want to look smart, to enjoy life and to be free. It is necessary to understand that only being healthy you can enjoy life in its full beauty.

To stay healthy I usually follow some simple but well-known recommendations. Scientists in Ancient Greece said that sleeping is life, so I try to sleep 8 hours a day. Proper nutrition is an important component of health, too. We are what we eat so I try to avoid junk food, drink as much water as possible, eat fruit and vegetables. Physical exercises are also very useful. I do exercises 20 minutes in the morning every day, try to use stairs instead of an elevator, spend more time outdoors. These rules are my recipe to stay healthy.



What questions can you ask a British friend about their national cuisine?

1. What do you usually have for breakfast?

2. Do your family often buy convenience food?

3. What is your favourite British dish?

4. Do you put ketchup in your food?


What national dishes can you recommend a tourist to taste in Britain?

I would recommend fishíníchips, especially cod, roast beef, burgers, some pudding and white tea. But to tell you the truth, I would recommend a tourist to look for a Chinese or Italian restaurant.

Scientists say the fast food is unhealthy but teenagers canít stop eating it. What do you think about it?

Fast food is associated with spending time with your friends and having fun. Thatís why it is so popular among teens. In todayís fast moving world, people have less and less time to spend eating, let alone cooking. Itís probably for this reason that fast food has become so popular. Teenagers should know that people who prefer burgers and chips, crisps and hot dogs tend to become overweight. Nevertheless, healthy eating habits do not mean giving up all your favourite food; it is all about choosing food wisely and preparing meals in a healthier way. The best advice for those who cannot live without hamburgers and chocolate bars, is to limit the amount of junk food they eat. A little now and then will probably do no harm.


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