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WHAT IS human resource management?



Vocabulary 1

1. Do you know the meanings of the following words? Try to match up each of them to its Ukrainian equivalent. Use your dictionary if necessary.


a) to forecast b) to develop c) skill d) to recruit e) to select f) concerned with g) to bring h) appropriate i) performance j) appraisal k) to evaluate l) accomplishment m) to reward n) compliance with o) reason p) sound q) to ensure r) to meet s) need t) to design u) to implement v) workforce w) competitive


2. Which verbs in A can go with which nouns in B?

E.g. to forecast the number of employees



to forecast to develop to recruit to carry out to evaluate to reward to meet to implement



best employees HR programs work accomplishments the skills the number of employees individuals the work the needs

Pre-reading task

Work in small groups.

Can you answer the following questions?


- What activities are needed to bring the appropriate workforce into the company?

- Why is it important to find employees that have the appropriate skills?


Preface each answer with one of the following according to what is true for you:


I think I know Ö Iíve no idea Ö Iím not sure Ö I donít know Ö


1. Read text 1. How much of the information did your group already know?


Text 1

The nature of human resource management


Nature of human resource management (HRM) includes activities that first forecast the number and type of employees an organization will need, then find, and develop employees with necessary skills.

For example, human resource planning, recruiting, and selecting are programs concerned with bringing the appropriate individuals into the organization. Orientation and training programs develop the skills required by employees to carry out the work of the company. Performance appraisal evaluates work accomplishments, while compensation can reward those who perform at high levels.

Compliance with the law is also important, but such compliance is not the major reason for developing sound human resource programs. The primary reason is to ensure a sufficient number of employees who have the appropriate skills to meet the organizationís needs.

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