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Set high standards for proper salon conduct. You can create an environment in your salon that is relaxed and pleasant for clients and makes them want to come back and bring their friends.

1. Be on time. You will appear relaxed, competent, and concerned about your clients' needs if you are on time, waiting to serve them when they arrive. Being late can make you seem disorganized or uncaring. It is discourteous and can annoy and inconvenience your clients.

2. Be prepared. Before your clients arrive, make sure your station is completely set up with an adequate supply of materials and equipment. Make sure your implements are sanitary and ready to use.

3. Plan your day. Keep an appointment schedule near you for each day so that you know what you are supposed to do every hour. The schedule should include your client's name, service to be performed, time of appointment, and client's phone number. Call your clients by name when they arrive. When you know what service you are to perform, you can begin without hesitation and give your clients a feeling of security.

4. Arrange appointments carefully. Schedule your appointments so that each client has enough time. If you schedule too many clients during your day, you won't have time to serve them and some will have to wait or be rescheduled for another day. If the receptionist makes appointments for you, be sure to give him or her a neat list of the services you offer and the time you need to complete each one.

5. Keep clients informed of schedule changes. Contact clients if your appointments are running very late or if you have to reschedule their appointments. They will appreciate your honesty and they will be grateful that you haven't wasted their time.

6. Be courteous. Have a cheerful, friendly, and helpful attitude. This attitude will tell your clients that you care for them. Before you perform any service, you can make your clients feel comfortable and relaxed. Help them take off their coats and show them where to sit for the service. All new clients can be given a tour of the salon and shown where the rest rooms and phones are. You may also tell them how to book future appointments, how to reschedule an appointment, and what forms of payment your salon accepts.

7. Perform all tasks willingly and efficiently. Never make your clients feel their appointments inconvenience you.

8. Communicate with your clients. Explain the services you will perform for your clients and the retail products needed to maintain these services. Listen to their concerns with undivided attention and answer their questions. No matter how successful you become, always keep your attitude humble when dealing with your clients.

9. Nevercomplain to, or argue with, a client. Try to keep any conversation on a professional level at all times. While you are performing nail services, you can use the time to explain what you are doing and why. You can also suggest and discuss other salon services or products that could help your client.

10. Use good judgment. Do not share information about your personal life or personal stories about other clients, your coworkers, or your employer with your client. Concentrate on your client's needs.

Never chew gum, smoke, or eat where you can be seen by clients. These habits can be extremely annoying to clients and smoking can be dangerous around nail chemicals.

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