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If you've never colored your hair before or your last coloring

was more than 3 months ago, use this easy application method.

Before you start, remove gloves from this sheet and put them on.

Protect yourself with a towel or plastic cape.

Snip off tip of the Cream Color Developer applicator as shown, then remove applicator cap from bottle.


Pour all of the Permanent Haircolor into the Developer bottle.

Replace applicator cap securely. Place finger over open tip, pointing away from your face. Shake thoroughly for at least 10 seconds or until mixture is totally blended.

Use immediately and do not save any unused mixture.



Squeeze directly onto dry hair and thoroughly saturate it, using all of the mixture.

Gently work into hair to ensure even distribution, and loosely pile hair on top of head.

Blot excess mixture that may run from hairline onto face or neck.


NOTE: Color of mixture during application and

development is not the final color result.

Rely on Color Preview Test for color accuracy.

In case of accidental contact with eyes, ears

or face, flush thoroughly with cool water.



Wait 25 minutes for color to develop.

For Ultra Blonde shades UN Ultra Light Natural Blonde and

11 G Ultra Light Sun Blonde, leave on for 45 minutes.

Next, add a little warm water and gently massage color mixture

through hair

Rinse hair thoroughly until water runs clear.

Note: Coloring action automatically stops after each waiting period.




Apply all of the After Color Conditioner.

Spread evenly through hair without diluting. Leave on for 2 minutes.

Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Style as usual.

Colorsilk's exclusive patented conditioner works inside and out to make sure your just-colored hair is healthier, vibrant, more resilient.

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