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Read three extracts from a travel diary and answer the questions.

Which countries did the writer visit?

How did he travel? Where did he sleep?

In which extracts does he …..

· get on with the local people?

· experience bad weather?

· comment on the changing scenery?

· feel anxious about his journey?


AAfter picking up the Honda in Buenos Aires I carefully packed my camping equipment and left the city. I was soon making my way south along the storm-tossed Atlantic coast, passing glorious, golden beaches and small bustling resorts. I decided to stop off at Bahia Blanca and enjoy the hospitality of the friendly locals, before heading out West. A few days later I set off inland, and was soon riding through bleak wasteland. The days were getting shorter now, and the night temperatures were definitely cooler. It was exciting, but also a little troubling to see the next stage of my journey loom ahead – the barren, snow-clad Andes.

BChile’s lush green vegetation was a welcome change after the desolate landscape of the Andes. But then it started raining. Unfortunately, this was no ordinary shower – it was a real downpour and it went on for days, which was pretty depressing. I passed several rain-drenched, dreary towns, which were about as welcoming as full of the gloomy-looking people. In fact the rain continued until I reached the capital, Santiago.

CAfter Santiago, the weather picked up. It was great riding along the wild Pacific coast in the bright sunshine. But as I approached the Atacama desert, the scenery started to change again. Instead grassland, there was cactus, then sand. Soon I found myself on the edge of the driest desert in the world, where temperatures ranged from a sizzling 40C in the day to a freezing -5C at night.


Adding interest:

Read another extract by the same writer. Add adjectives to make it more interesting.

Windswept desolate spectacular derelict shimmering blazing

In the Atacama desert, the road ahead was my only link, with civilization. The sun beat down on the sand dunes and ghost towns which lined the route. In the distance I could see volcanoes which marked the edge of the desert and the border with Bolivia.


3) Find adjectives in extracts A-C (above) which describe…..

beaches towns and cities the coastline people the mountains


Match these sentence halves describing different journeys.

1. It was a beautiful sunny day when we headed

2. They crossed the swamp, then slowly made

3. After travelling for several hours on the motorway we stopped

4. The road was flooded, so we had to turn

5. If you follow this road for 15 kilometres, you’ll find

6. It was hard work hiking through the snow, but we soldiered

7. The express train sped

8. We were crossing a bridge when the bus broke


a) off at a service station for lunch.

b) their way to the crocodile farm.

c) out towards the mountains.

d) through the countryside without stopping/towards the gloomy city.

e) on until we got to the cabin.

f) back and look for an alternative route.

g) yourself on the coast.

h) down and blocked the road.


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