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Choose a job, and talk for two minutes giving reasons why your job should be the best paid one in the country.

Unit 4. Job Hunting


· Congratulations! You have earned Master’s degree! Welcome to the job market! How can you find a job?

· Give Ukrainian equivalents to the words and word combinations:

a post, a position, to apply for a job, to appoint, an applicant, application, to attend an interview, experienced, to have experience in one’s field, to hire, to employ, an employer, an employee, to seek a position, to look for a job, work background, to dismiss, competitive, responsibility, obligation, skillful, reference, experimental period

The situation of job finding makes people consider job offers in mass media. Read the following text about job advertisemets. Consider some examples of them.


The situation of job finding makes people consider job offers in mass media. Today jobs are being advertised through radio broadcasts, television, newspapers and magazines. In small business, as a rule, they prepare their own copies and give them to different newspapers. They may also prepare form letters or circular-letters and distribute them by themselves. Big business uses various advertising mass media means to attract many candidates for a vacancy and to choose the best to be employed.

Reading newspapers and magazines one has a chance to choose the position to apply for. A job advertisement in most cases is supposed to include a description of the job, the company, the requirements, the location, the salary, benefits, and the promotion prospects.

The language of advertisement is a specific one, so is the language of job advertisements. The typical phrases used in them are:

¨ the start you need …

¨ here is your chance

¨ aged between … and …

¨ we expect you to be …

¨ show a capacity for …

¨ you will need (energy, a good presence, experience in the field of, etc.)

¨ this job calls for …

¨ you will be responsible for …

¨ it will include preparing …

¨ 5+years previous experience in …

¨ English (Computer, Book-keeping, etc.) essential

¨ net monthly salary …

¨ competitive salary around …

¨ wide range of benefits

¨ relocation expenses

¨ free life and medical insurance

¨ open to men and women

¨ only men (women)

¨ please send your CV now: by FAX 222-00-45

Job advertisements may be different. Some of them are long giving details about the company itself, considering a job offer in details, describing the potential abilities, capacity for business and human qualities of a person needed. Some other job advertisements may be brief, businesslike and infomative. Local newspapers usually contain several pages of advertisements. They are grouped in various categories. In the category of job advertisements there may be one sentence making a job ad.

· Answer the questions:

How does small business / big business advertise their jobs?

What does a job advertisement include?

What are the typical phrases used in job advertisements?

What are the two types of job advertisements?

· Analyse job advertisements from a newspaper. Devise a structure of a job advertisement. Make a list of useful vocabulary.

· Imagine you are a personnel manager. There is a vacancy in your company. Think of a position, tasks, requirements, benefits, promises and write a job advertisement to a newspaper to find an employee.

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