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We can manage with what we have.

Mr Adams is responsible for ing (supervise) the assembly plant.

2. It …(say) that our economy is in deep crisis.

3. Since when …(you / know) about our wedding?

4. Mrs Pawn … (teach) in our school before she moved to Boston in 1991. 5. ‘Who …(do) daily shopping in your house?’ ‘My brother usually…(do).’

6. Our neighbour’s wife is pregnant. She…(have) a baby soon.

7. Everything …(seem) …(be) new in your house.

8. ‘When …(the minister / resign)?’ ‘I don’t remember whether it…(happen) last year or two years ago.’

9. Look ! Somebody…(steal) fruit from your garden.

10. I cannot drive to work. My car …(not repair) yet.

11. Let’s …(finish)..(do) our homework quickly.

12. It’s much faster .... (travel) by plane than by train.

13. The tourists …(wait) for their guide for two hours now.

14. Before…(start) my work for the new company last month, I...(do) different jobs at the post office.

15. ‘Who…(you / invite) to your birthday party next Sunday?’ ‘Lots of friends, of course.’

16. The weather’s awful. If it …(not stop) raining for a while, I… (can not) take the dog for a regular walk.

17. We … (know) each other for a month only, but we (already / become) good friends.

18. I don’t think I…(resume) my studying next term I’d like …(rest) a bit longer.

19. Nobody knows how… (operate) the switchboard.

20. The new tax rates …(not announce) yet. It …(probably / do) tomorrow.

21. ‘Why are you so happy?’ ‘It’s about the good news. I… (give) a promotion.’

22. The well is bone dry. It … (not rain) in the area for six months.

23. I’m hard up. I …(lose) all my savings in the casino last night.

24.You …(can not / meet) Alice in the city centre yesterday.

She…(stay) abroad since last October.

25.The bullies made us …(give) them all our pocket money.

26.How long …(the Simpsons / own) this wonderful sheep dog?

27. Lies should never …(tell) to children. It’s much better

…(tell) them the truth however bitter it may be.

28. Lucy says she prefers…(read) books to…(watch) television in the evening.

29.It…(not matter) if you want…(do) it or not. You simply have to.

30. Last time, you …(promise)…(bring) us souvenirs from your next trip to Australia. So far, you…(bring) us nothing.

31. Adam wasn’t at home when I called in. He…(may / be) in the sports centre.

32.We…(not talk) to each other since we…(quarrel) two months ago.

33.After .. (graduate) from college, I am going to start … (study) sociology.

34. By next Friday, we …(certainly/finish)…(wallpaper) the children’s room.

35. Mary regrets .. (not go) to yesterday’s party with us.

36. Where .. .. (Cindy/walk) when you met her?

The police .. (investigate) the crime since January, but they .. (find) nothing of interest as yet,

38.. (the general/read) the Instructions before he gave orders to his officers?

39. You .. (should not/shout) at your girlfriend. She’s crying now.

40.Whatever … (happen), I …(always/stand) by you, I promise.

41. Few people … (inform) about the sales so far. That’s why the attendance … (be) really poor up to now.

Our managers aim at (increase) productivity and work effecti- veness simply by means of (offer) the workers higher wages (îęëŕä).

43.‘What (you/do) yesterday at 6 a.m?’ ‘I … (still/sleep) at that time.

44. ‘Is it difficult … (run) a business on your own?’ ‘I don’t know. … (not try) it yet.’

45. While you … (write) the test, try (avoid)(make) mistakes.

46. ‘… (you / help) me with the luggage, please?’ ‘With pleasure, madam.’

47. You … (not have to) agree … (invest) your private money.

We can manage with what we have.

48. Mark came too late. If he … (not waste) so much time

… (play) computer games, he … (not miss) the main event.

49. Nobody understood what the speaker was saying. He … (must/be) a foreigner.

50.We want to know your plans. We wish you … (inform) us

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