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Match these parts of the business definition to the following real-life situations.

Production of goods

Distribution of goods

Sale of goods

Sale of services

production of goods distribution of goods sale of goods sale of services


Iron ore is made into metal car parts.

A car is moved from a factory to a car dealership.

A salesman sells a car.

An auto mechanic repairs a car.

1. A shipment of grain is transferred

from a boat to a truck. ____

2. A chemical plant turns raw

materials into fertilizer.

3. A salesman from a concrete
manufacturer convinces the owner
of a building materials company to
buy a shipment of drainage pipe

from his company.

4. A warehouse ships books to a

bookstore. ____

5. A computer manufacturer receives
silicon chips and puts them into

6. A dentist repairs a child's broken

7. A train moves truck parts across
the country.


8. A grocer exchanges groceries
for money.

9. A waitress takes your order
for lunch.

10.A farmer plants vegetables for harvest in the fall.

Company structure

Most companies are made up of three groups of people: the shareholders(who pro≠vide the capital), the managementand the workforce.The management structure of a typical company is shown in this organization chart.


Board of Directors

Managing Director

Senior management

Middle management

At the top of the company hierarchy is the Board of Directors,headed by the Chairpersonor President.The Board is responsible for policy decisions and strat≠egy. It will usually appoint a Managing Directoror Chief Executive Officer,who has overall responsibility for the running of the business. Senior managersor com pany officershead the various departments or functions within the company, which may include the following.

A Marketing

B Public Relations f Production

— Information Technology or IT g Research and Development or R and D

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