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Must See Places in Kursk

1. Lenin street, the main street of the city. The whole social life is concentrated here shopping, cafes, etc.

2. Znamensky Cathedral, the main church of the city. If you are not short of time take an excursion it`s really worthy, plus, you`ll have an opportunity to share real monk dinner in the monastery canteen.

3. The lower church of the Trinity Monastery, the oldest church in the city and a beautiful icon workshop available for visits.

4. The Roman Catholic Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a rare example of gothic buildings in Eastern Russia. There are also organ concerts held inside, always very cheap and friendly.

5. Kursk Regional Local Lore Museum, a nice small museum in a historical building.

6. Officers` Palace, a remarkable building over viewing one of the oldest districts of the city.

7. Kursk State Art Gallery, a small and nice local art gallery mostly connected with the name of famous artist Alexander Deineka.

8. The buildings of Kursk State University and Kursk State Medical University. The latter used to be a prison.

9. The Marjino estate, one day trip to the real pre-revolutionary Russia and a nice opportunity to have a picnic just like Russian dukes did.

10. Korennaya ________, a centre of Orthodox Culture with fantastic views.


7. a) Work in groups. Make your own must-see list for Kursk. Is it different from the one given above?


B) Work in the same groups. Prepare a plan of excursion around Kursk using your top 10 places to see. Present the project to your opponents.


Lesson 6. City legends

Warm up

1. Find out one piece of local news to share with your group mates. Distribute the sections beforehand: culture, politics, science, education, social issues, and environmental issues.

Cultural news. Kurskaya Pravda informs that a competition Students` springs is going to be held the next month. The students of higher educational institutions will compete in different areas, such as singing, dancing


2. a) Here are some unusual news from different parts of world. Work in groups of 4. Each group reads one piece of news and suggests a title for it.

A.BBC informs about a strange case happened in Australia. A couple came home one evening and discovered an enormous hole in their roof, their dog dead and their furniture covered in litres of horrible-smelling matter. Upset by what they saw, the couple, phoned the police who soon arrived to investigate. After several phone calls, the detective was finally able to explain to the couple what had happened.


B.San Diego Breaking News informs about a terrible case happened in the city. A man bought a satellite dish and decided to set it up himself. He climbed up the ladder and attached the dish to the side of his house. Then, with his wife inside the house shouting to him when the reception was best, he adjusted it. When they were satisfied, the man and Mswife relaxed for the evening in front of the TV. Even though the next day was very hot, the couple decided to stay at home and watch television. That afternoon they heard fire-engine sirens and lots of shouting outside. When they went outside, they saw that the house opposite was on fire. The fire was put out. but the firemen couldn't work out how the fire had started.

C. An old man from Hanover, Germany, had had enough of his cat. He was fed up with her scratching all the furniture and making a mess. So he gave her to a friend, who lived on the other side of town. He told his friend that he was getting too old to look after her. A week later, on a very cold winter day, die old man returned home from shopping and was surprised to see the cat shivering on his doorstep. The man was moved by the fact that his pet had found her way back from the other side of town in such cold weather. He took the cat inside and gave her lots of loving attention.


D. In Vancouver. Canada, a burglar broke into a house and had filled his bag with the owners' possessions when he suddenly felt a pair of eyes on him. Looking up, he saw an eagle staring at Mm with cold, merciless eyes. At first the man was too frightened to move, but after ten minutes he tried creeping towards the door. However, the eyes just followed him and he couldn't move.

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