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... in the United States have just reported on a study of more than three hundred patients ages twelve to seventeen.Researchers

... it awards scholarships that do not have any citizenship requirements.Each year

.. says more than one hundred twenty million people worldwide suffer from depression.The World Health Organization

1928 refers to.the year that the Flying Doctors started

A seven-hour operation without an anaesthesia was done by.the Postmaster

A young monk is also known as ...the child of Munich

About two thousand ideas were received by Royal Mail every da.few of them were ever used

According Chriss story, what feeling did the man who had come from the prison have?D) He looked as everyday

According to the context: What is the synonym to the word to annoyto irritate

According to the text the lad was looking for the friends, sawB) the fountain

According to the text the lad wasC) Handsome

According to the text, studies have shown that there are actually on Friday the 13th.E) Fewer accidents

According to the text, what are the most frequent words in English?The, and, to, in, is

According to the text, what is the number of English speakers in the countries where Enqlish is the first language?350 mln

According to the text, which of the following is true about English?Many people are interested in learning it

According to the text. Find the antonym to the word to survive.to die

According to the text: What do people usually think about punks?it is just fashion

After the concert the instruments are turned into ...soup

Agricultural inflation has been hitting the price of... .grains and other products

All Skogshem Conference Centre meeting rooms are equipped withC) ISDN, TV and video, projectors, computers and Internet

Also, children can learn how to make ....Web sites

Altogether Mireille destroyed art worth___dollars.D) two billion

And an underground tank can store ... liters of rainwater.one million seven hundred thousand

And an underground tank can store one million seven hundred thousand liters of rainwater for ... .air conditioning and other systems

And an underground tank can store one million seven hundred thousand liters rainwater

And if you have a question, send it to ... .special@voanews.com.

Anita Roddick is the founder of...The Body Shop

At pubs it is normal to buy_C) One's own drinks

At the programm she appeared with her...mother

At what web site can Foreign Student Series be found?voaspecialenglish.com

Auburn Avenue was the main:Artery

Australian artists receive money.for the design and again if it is used

Bags will be provided by the council ....only for materials that can be recycled

Based on information in the passage, it can be inferred that an earlier section of this passage likelyE) provided some explanations about why people might fear Friday the 13th and introduced the term friggatriskaidekaphobia"

Birthplace of Martin Luther King, Jr.isAtlanta

Bluetongue can kill ...sheep and cattle and other ruminant animals like goats and deer

Booking for the Club equipment is made by . .James Todd

By whom was this VOA Special English Education Report written?Mario Ritter

Cafeteria is situated ....on the ground floor

Capital E examined the cost of... green schools in the United States.30

Choose the correct answer:Martin Luther's mother's profession was:A musician

Choose the correct answer:What do policymakers think about education in America, according to the report?They recognize the need to reform public high schools

Choose the correct answer:What floor is the canteen?On the ground floor.

Clementine Hozier, granddaughter of the____Earl of Airlie?10th

Congress set a national goal of using twenty-eight billion liters of ethanol a year by...two thousand twelve

Congress set a national goal of using twenty-eight billion liters of ethanol a year by...two thousand twelve

Contact details you can find.on the notice board

Crossing the busy road she...acted as if being confused

Do they choose the hotel?E) No, it is far from Stockholm

Do they choose the Skogshem Conference Centre?C) Yes, it is quite comfortable and close to Stockholm

Do they communicate with each other?They do not communicate with each other.

Does Mrs Snell like her neighbours?No, she doesnt like them.

Dolphins like to... be loved and play

During what period has the number of day camps in the United States grown?In the past twenty years

Edward Marks main role in the Club is.to prevent injuries

Edwards Marks works days a week.3

English is the first language in ....12 countries

Englishmen (and women) go to pubs to drinkE) Some beer

Even cynical person would be hard pressed ...not to appreciate these animals

Everything turned out easier with.the right attitude

Fields near the entrance to the beach can be used as.car parks

Find the definition to the word newsflash short urgent report

Find the proper word according to this definition political, racial or religious .arriving

Find the proper word from the text according to the definition: something that has happened, some occurrence.event

Find the synonym for the word deliciousA) tasty

Find the synonym for the word to go down (plane)to crash

Find the synonym to the word benefit.advantage

Find the synonym to the word successful according to the text wealthy

Find the synonym to the word supply.provide

Find the synonym to the word tiny small

Find the word that is NOT the synonym to the word to involve.to break

Fitness machines are situated.on the first floor

Genienne _____ the Flying Doctors organization.likes

Giving up smoking was easy for Mr Gold because he.it was his private game, he was winning

Have they been introduced to each other?They have not been introduced to each other.

He wanted to change his life and his desire was.to become an actor

Henley Music Festival takes place...In Great Britain

hey are preparing to celebrate the anniversary of the town. 250th

His father, Lord Randolph Churchill was of the Duke of Marlborough.A younger son

His trouble was that.he had a couple of bad headaches

How did Debra learn about this event?From newsflash

How did Sam Brannan die?An unnoticed death

How did she pay for her tuition?She gave music lessons.

How do they enjoy the long summer evenings?They start working earlier and leave earlier too.

How does the president call Christopher Cox?"a champion of the free-enterprise"

How is the course titled?C) Dawn of Opportunity

How is the heating in Sweden houses?Very high.

How is the virus spread?by small biting flies called midges

How long has she been doing her job?B) about 11 years

How many boroughs are there in New York?5.

How many are national papers published on Sundays?A) Nine

How many countries did in the Olympiad participate?seventy-three

How many days did the Olympiad last?ten

How many hours a day she used to take just getting dressed?B) Four hours

How many members are there in commission?five

How many old people are in Britain?more than 10 million

How many old people are there in Britain? more than 10 million

How many people live in Manhattan?1500 000.

How many people visited the party?40

How many persent has the number of day camps in the United States grown?by almost 90%

How many plays did Shakespeare write?37.

How many single-sex schools are there today, according to the report by Sara Mead?More than two hundred

How many skyscrapers does Rockfeller Center consist of?Fifteen.

How many students did in the thirty-eighth International Physics Olympiad compete?More than three hundred

How many vegetables do they use for one concert?40 kilos

How much does the dolphin hug cost?$135 for 30 minutes

How much experience do you need for taking part at the sessions?D) 3 years

How much money did Sam Brannan earned in just nine weeks?$ 36000

How old is she?62

How old was Blackwell when she emigrated to New York City? 10

How old was the president of the International Physics Olympiad?sixty-seven years old

Hugging a dolphin is an excellent activity...to lower the stress levels

H never feared of.the accusation of having no willpower

If a friggatriskaidekaphobic loses his wallet on Tuesday the 21st he would probably____any meaning to the date on which this event occurred.E) Not assign

If people are accidents____ on Friday the 13th, then there are likely to be fewerA) More cautious

In Britain pantomime is mime.B) different from

In England the national drink isE) Beer

In modem society people seem to be judged on the basis of....their economic productivity

In our modem world of fast communications and busy urban lifestyles, I concluded, we seem to have lost.the art of kindness

In technology camps, one subject that children can learn about is ... video game design

In the search for suitable subjects, people are invited to ... .give an opinion on possible topics

In the sentence "He had many stories to tell about how necessary an aerial medical service was, including one about Jimmy Darcy" the word 'one refers to:story

In this orchestra a flute is made of...a carrot

In what country are old people treated with more respect in comparison with Britain?in Sweden

In what period did Sam Brannan live? Time of gold rush

In what year gold was discovered?B) 1848

In what r Sam Brannan arrived in California?1846

Information about the training can be found in a(an).brochure

Is it cold in winter there?Yes, it is.

Is Lara involved with anyone at the moment?D) She isnt seeing anyone

It is very pleasant to have.many people turn up

It takes____ to get to the centre of Liding from the Skogshem Conference Center.C) 35 minutes

It was built as a "..school based on requirements from the United States Green Building Council.green

Large bags are given forcollecting recyclable materials

Liaison Officers duty is.to manage bookings

Many developing countries have a ... .growing middle class

Many stamp enthusiasts are afraid of that.stamps ate not acceptable

Margaret Lloyds main duty is ... to oversee training

Martin Luther King, Jr., is well known for his speech:I have a dream

Martin Luther King's grandfather purchased their home on:Auburn Avenue

Martin Luther was the second of:Three children

Mireille was angry to Stephene so____.A) she cut the paintings into small pieces

Mireille, 53, was Stephenes___C) mother

More hectares of maize for ethanol mean fewer hectares for crops like ....soybeans

Mr Gold became a professional actor due to.his experience in fighting his bad habit

Mr Gold had problems because he ... .smoked a lot

Mr Gold never ran out of... .cigarettes

Mr Gold said about.kicking the habit of smoking

Mr Gold stopped smoking on ...1st July

Mr Gold told about his secret plan to ... .nobody

Mr Gold tried a lot of different courses because he wanted to be fit

Mr Gold used to travel across London to ... .get cigarettes

Mr Gold wanted to.get rid of his bad habit

Mr Gold was successful because ....this was as an exciting adventure

Mr Golds little private game consisted in.cutting down the number of cigarettes smoked

Native Americans call their old people...elder

Newspapers with political bias areE) The Daily Telegraph, the Daily Express

On 1st July Mr Gold.didnt smoke for 24 hours

On the basis of the extensive research, it is clear that.it is hard to please everybody

On the ground floor, there are two halls are used for.yoga, Thai Chi

One day while they were having supper, the police arrived and took him to the police station because .C) he stole 239 paintings from museums

One fellow visitor said that meeting with the dolphins.made her look at her life in a different way

Our physiotherapists role is.to prevent injuries

Papers usually reflect Conservative opinionsE)The Daily Express and The Sun

People use English as the second language in ... .33 countries.

People writed to the post office that.they loved and hated

Picking up litter will be the duty of ....the Beach Team

Populars newspapers are calledC) Small-sized newspapers

Quality newspapers report about .A) major national and international events

Recently King Henry has appeared on a British stamp together with.a stamp featuring each of his wives

Researchers in ... have just reported on a study of more than three hundred patients ages twelve to seventeen.the United States

Researchers in the United States have just reported on a study of more than ...patients ages twelve to seventeen.three hundred

Rising grain prices could signal a change for agricultural commodities around the ...region

Schoolchildren can see pantomime in Britain_____A) During their winter holiday

Sean Bond supervises ....computers and electrical equipment

Some animals die after ....just a day or two

Someone is needed.to be in charge of the first aid

Specialty camps offer ... the chance to learn about different subjects.young people

Stephene Breitweiser filled his______ with priceless works of art.E) bedroom

Stephene Breitweiser hid the stolen paintings from the museumB) under his coat

Stephene Breitweiser was the greatest___in Europe.C) art theif

Students must be legally ....blind

Students say the ... rooms help them stay awake during class.sunny

The pub is the place_-_-C) men, women go to drink

The regulars become members of a family butB)relationships often do not extend

The aim of the programme is to give young people help in...B) setting up their own business

The average cost was only ... percent higher compared to a traditional school.2

The celebration will be held at the money of...the council

The celebration will be held on ... .Sunday

The council is a ... .nonprofit organization made up of building business leaders

The design of stamps in Australia is usually supervised by ... .Australia Post

The dolphins jump, whistle and click ...to attract your attention

The editors of papers usually allowed to considerateD) Freedom of expression

The extensive therapy training programme is accredited to the university of Manwich

The federation says there are no ... for the blind.special colleges or universities

The federation says there are no special colleges or universities for ...the blind

The government has strongly supported ... production. ethanol

The government has strongly supported ... production.ethanol

The Henley Music Festival takes place in ...July

The hotel was not chosen because_____C) it is far from Stockholm

The lad had been hunting and he_E) lost sight of his friends

The left-over food will be taken away by.the organizers

The main policy in Australian and British stamps design is thatno living ordinary person can ever appear on a stamp

The main purpose of the Open Day is to give a(an) (quick) tour

The main thing about the stamps is that.they must be of national interest

The most popular place in England is.D)the Pub

The National Institute of Mental Health paid for ... study.the seventeen million dollar

The new building cost about... million dollars to build.90

The notice-board contains ....contact details

The number of staff members of the Club is.9

The oldest of the mini-marathon applicants is.60

The picture of Father Christmas surfing at the beach ....arose lots of discussion

The price of the course is ...A) $200

The problem raised in the article is directed to,..young businessmen

The process of stamp production is.fast

The production of a stamp in Australia is as long as ... .up to two years

The profits from the marathon will be given to the Childrens Hospital to help.buy new specialist equipment

The programme Tell me more appears.once a week

The pronoun 'them' in the sentence "A pilot might need the help of people on the ground when he's landing the plane: sometimes he to frighten off kangaroos, wild animals" refers to:people on the ground :

The pub becomes a virtual extension ____B) because of the low quality housing many people live

The question about dolphins was raised in...Travel programme

The reason for Mr Golds frequent colds and throat infections was.smoking a lot

The report released this week says that...American boys in most cases are doing better than ever

The S.E.C.... laws and rules that govern financial markets.Enforces

The second team will ...arrange the square.

The skin of dolphins is ...smooth

The speaker says that.people will never agree about stamp design

The speaker suggests that....too much attention is devoted to stamp production

The story of a pantomime is always____A) well-known

The strange little flower was called after him as people thought thatB) The lad had turned into the flower

The Sun and The Daily Star- concentrate onB) more emotive reporting of stories

The Uncles box also containsC) dynamite

The vegetable instruments are used ...only once

The vegetables in Britain tend to be... than in Vienna.larger

The weekly radio programme is on ... .topics suggested by listeners

The winner in each competition will.be awarded a cash prize

The word elders denotes ...wisdom

The word pub itself is an abbreviation ofE) Public house

The World Health Organization says more than ... people worldwide suffer from depression.one hundred twenty million

The World Health Organization says more than one hundred twenty million people ... suffer from depression.worldwide

There are applicants for the mini-marathon.265

There are nine ... in the Club.permanent staff members

There are..... programmes in counseling at the moment.3

There is a debate in Britain...how to call old people

There is a proper protocol for ... a dolphin.meeting

There will be....................................... judges for various competitions.3

This Festival is held for funs of...experimental music

This passage is most likely an excerpt fromD) The conclusion of a longer work thatanalyzesevidence about the superstition of Friday the 13th

This text is about...Vegetable orchestra

Thomas' parents live______ far from towns

Those interested in yoga will have a chance to talk to trainers on.Thursday 4.30

Time when Stephene went into the museums to steal paintings:C) the museums just were closing

To close the beach we need permission from.the council

To take part at the seminar you must have...E) business idea that you want to develop

Topics are sent for final approval to ... .the Board of Directors

Two women sing love songs to each other in pantomime because____.C) the handsome prince is always played by a woman

Uncle Philip carried out his research in .E) Chemistry

Wardens will be needed at the car park because ....the parking last year was disorganized

We need some volunteers for.cleaning -up

What Alex wanted to see very much?flight to the moon

What are the animal viruses that can ruin a farmer?Rinderpest, foot-and-mouth disease and bluetongue disease

What are the diseases that can ruin a farmer?Rinderpest, foot-and-mouth disease and bluetongue disease

What can people do at midnight summer?They can walk and read newspapers.

What century did she live?the nineteenth century

What century is known as golden age of English literature.XVI-XVII.

What company made her to be an old woman ? Discovery Europe

What conditions are needed for producing vegetable instruments?humid

What countries took the third place?the United States and South Korea

What country has been dealing with foot-and-mouth and now its first cases of bluetongue?Britain

What country is called the land of the midnight sun?Sweden.

What did he decide to leave to Tom?D) All his fortune.

What did he like?A quiet life.

What did he say to his son?that it was the most momentous thing in his sons life

What did Mr Gold have difficulty with in the past?Giving up smoking.

What did Sam Brannan own when gold was found?Store

What did she think it was?Something terrible had happened

What did she want to become? a doctor.

What did Tom do with great fortune?B) Tom could think of nothing butthe box and the fortune

What did Uncle Philip ask Tom to do before opening the box?E) To read the letter.

What do Swedish people like doing on holidays or weekends?They like having sauna.

What do the Swedish people complain for when they visit England?For cold.

What do they like to do after sauna?Jump into the lake.

What do they prefer?They prefer both working and playing.

What do they usually mean when people say Manhattan?New-York City

What does it mean to be in shapeto look good

What does Lara consider is the reason of her success? A) She has never let anything stand in her way

What does Lara do in her spare time?A) cleaning her guns

What does S.A. Ogunlowo in Ile-Ife want to know?S.A. Ogunlowo in Ile-Ife wants to know if visually impaired foreign students can get a full scholarship as an undergraduate.

What does Sara Mead base her arguments on?On tests used since the early nineteen seventies for a national measure of educational progress

What does The Education Sector report call for?More study into the differences between boys and girls and into the culture of schools

What does the Food and Agriculture Organization say about animal diseases?It says animal diseases once limited to warm, tropical climates are on the rise around the world.

What does the neighbour wear?Jeans and a T-shirt.

What does the number 24 refer to?the number of hours per day that the Flying Doctors service is available

Whatdoes the number '3' refer to? the number of times that the Flying Doctors have helped Genienne Ellis

What does the speaker say about the judges in the competition?Most of them have had some experience in judging.

What event did Debra see when she was a child?E) Berlin Wall breaking

What fact impeded Elizabeth to become a doctor?She was a woman.

What foreign languages are the most studied?English, French, Spanich.

What goods did he sell in his store?C) Picks, shovels and pans

What groups of boys are especially in trouble, according to the report made by Sara Mead?Hispanics, blacks and boys from poor families

What have we lost in our modern world? kindness

What intention did he have?C) To buy all the picks, shovels and pans he could find

What is an interesting architectural ensemble?Rockfeller center.

What is David Hudson?The director of Studies.

What is famous in Sweden?Sauna.

What is Kids-N-Technology?a day camp

What is meant by toolkit? A) basic skills to set up business

What is the antonym to the word incredible.probable

What is the correct spelling of the hotel name?D}B-l- double L-l-N-G-E-H-U-S

What is the easiest instrument made from vegetables according to the text?Flute

What is the financial heart of the USA?Wall Street

What is the King Ludwig II famous for?Beautiful castles and palaces

What is the Lara Crofts weigh?A) 57.2 kilos

What is the leading cause of suicide?Depression

What is the length of the shopping area?an 800-metre pedestrian street

What is the main concept of this orchestra?you can make sounds with anything

What is the name of one of Europe's biggest malls containing shops for all tastes .Einkaufcenter

What is the name of the new chairman?William Donaldson

What is the nickname of New-York?Big Apple.

What is the problem raised in this text?attitude to old people

What is the story about?About Mrs Snells neighbour.

What is the synonym to the word make-upcosmetics

What is the weather like in Sweden?It's cold.

What is the Web site of the National Federation of the Blind?nfo.org

What is Wen Jiabao?Premier

What is Wen Jiabao?Premier

What kind of day was it?A) Hot

What kind of job did he have in London later?An actor.

What kind of materials do these newspapers concentrate on?B) The Royal Family

What kind of worry is there about the prices?The increasing demand for food could drive prices too high.

What language school does David Hudson manage?Cambridge Language School.

What language will the students learn?English.

What laws and rules does the S.E.C. enforce?Laws and rules to govern financial markets

What must you give the dolphins when you want to enter their space?hand signals

What officials see the recent arrival of that virus in the United Kingdom as another sign of a bigger problem?UN

What other leisure facilities are there any in the hotel?A) a spa and health centre with a pool and Jacuzzi

What pain are many people around the world feeling right now?the pain of "agflation"

What picture is the most popular one on Australian stamps?Kangaroos.

What place is known by locals as Stachus Square?Karlplatz

What sort of car does she drive?D) old Land Rover

What sphere of the English language's usage isn't mentioned in the text?agriculture

What students did in the thirty-eighth International Physics Olympiad compete?secondary school students

What two changes to the organization of the festival are mentioned?Free refreshments and free concert

What was he famous for?For his plays.

What was insurmountable barrier for all blacks?Racial Prejudice

What was Laras first adventure?' A) getting to civilization when her plane went down

What was she carrying?two shopping bags

What was the name of the city where the Olympiad took place?Isfahan

What was the reason of Toms and his uncles meeting?B) Because of uncle's illness.

What was the Securities and Exchange Commission in Washington created for?To protect investors

What was Uncle Philips achievement in this field?E) Received the Nobel Prize.

What will Vimmi Singh do at the seminars?' D) conduct the workshops

What worried Mr Gold most of all in the morning? The thought of his past attempts to give up smoking.

Whats Laras dream? to ski down Everest with Brian Blessed

Whats the second name of that century? The age of Shakespeare.

What's the aim of his going to South Africa?to cover the Boer War

When and where did he die? In Stratford, 1616.

When and where was he bom? In Stratford on April 23, 1564.

When Chris has his birthday?A) 11th February

When did Churchill graduate from Sandhurst?1895

When did Congress set a national goal of using twenty-eight billion liters of ethanol a year by two thousand twelve?In two thousand five

When did Congress set a national goal of using twenty-eight billion liters of ethanol a year by two thousand twelve?In two thousand five

When did his adventures continue? 1899

When did the Dutch Trade Company buy Manhattan?Sixteen twenty six.

When did the thirty-eighth International Physics Olympiad take place?last month

When do they make their instruments?an hour before the concert

When do you see only one hour of daylight?In December.

When does a winter show begin?D) late November or early December

When does he come home?He comes home late.

When people want to give their opinion on a new stamp, ....they write to the post office

When she was dressed as an old woman people...didnt notice her

When was she bom?in 1821.

When was the oldest brewery set up?nearly 700 years ago

When was The Securities and Exchange Commission in Washington created?In nineteen thirty-four

When will the course take place? in October and November

When will the tour start?At 3.00 on the dot.

When will their first class start? At 11 o'clock.

Where are the neighbours going tonight? To the pub.

Where did he sail to? South Africa

Where did he spend his last years? In Stratford

Where did the lad see his reflection?D) In the fountain

Where did the speaker find the Dolphin Quest? On the Island of Bermuda

Where did the thirty-eighth International Physics Olympiad take place?in Iran

Where do people make instruments out of old cars?Africa

Where do they live?They live in a small flat.

Where does the United nations have its headquarters?Manhattan.

Where has the belief that boys are in trouble in American education led to?A growth industry of experts advising how to make schools more "boy friendly"

Where is Cybercamps located?at the University of Maryland

Where is the hotel located?B) in the centre of Sweden

Where is the platform for watching the dolphins situated?just under the water

Where should the students who want to go to the tour meet their tour guide?Outside the main gate of the school.

Where was an independent research group launched?In Washington

Where was Elizabeth Blackwell born?in England.

Where was he burried?In Stratford, in the church.

Where was he educated?At the local Grammar school.

Where was The Securities and Exchange Commission created?In Washington

Where was this virus first discovered?in South America

Which is the smallest Island in New-York?Manhattan.

Which of the following logical misconceptionsis committed by the man who loses his wallet and blames Friday thel3th?A)Post hoc, characterized by the argument in which two sequential events are said to be causally related, but this is not actually the case; the arguer wrongly concludes that the earlier event cause the later. That is, correlation isnt the same thing as causation.

Which of the following pieces of evidence, if true, would best support the authors argument in the textA) Studies performed in the United Kingdom reveal that significantly fewer people choose to drive their cars to work on Friday the 13th

Which of the following stories is not mentioned in the text as popular with most children all over the world?E) Walt Disney

Which of them is not an island?Bronx.

While the historical or_____ discussed earlier may have something to do with this belief, people may also use associational links to justify their superstitions.C) Folk traditions

Who can see a pantomime?B) parents and schoolchildren

Who does Mister Cox has have strong support from?business groups

Who founded their colony here?Dutch.

Who go to summer camp?Children

Who has strongly supported ethanol production?the government

Who has written the VOA Special English Education Report?Erin Braswell

Who is the author of this VOA Special English Education Report?Nancy Steinbach

Who is the main character of the story?D) A young boy

Who is the main character of this text?B) Sam Brannan

Who is Walt Disney?B) A film-maker

Who lives with him?Girlfriend.

Who organized this seminar?C) commercial institute

Who played an important role in the community?Martin Luther's grandfather

Who was Beth at her early years?a punk

Who was buried in Jesuit church?King Ludwig II

Whom did he marry when he was 18.Anne Hathaway of Shottery.

Whom do we call Narcissus?A) People who like themselves

Why couldnt Elizabeth Blackwell realize her dream of becoming a surgeon?A serious eye infection halted her quest.

Why did Uncle Philip leave this box to Tom?D) He wanted Tom to remember his Uncle.

Why is she looking so good?C) She needs to keep in shape for her job

Why is the Orchestra called Vegetable?all instruments are made from vegetables

Whre did he travel?The USA and Cuba

Wh has strongly supported ethanol production?government

With whom did Sam Brannan arrive in San Francisco? With John Sutter

You can feed dolphins with ... fish

You can get close to the dolphins even if you are not...a swimmer

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