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Make the rather informal words in bold sound more precise and academic.

1. The different bits of the pie chart show the numbers of people in each age group.

2. She kept a record by marking the midday temperature on a graph for a month.

3. People’s salaries usually reach their highest point when they are in their late 40s.

4. This flowchart shows the different bits of our project over the next five years.

5. The two lines on the graph cross each other at point A.

6. Draw a line connecting the points that are next to each other.

7. The government’s popularity in the opinion polls is beginning to fall.

8. If you look along the top line of the table you can see the figures for the 1950s.

Task 3 Change the sentences using words with the same meanings as the words in bold.

1. Populations of some bird species in South Asia have crashed by 97% in recent years. The number of cases of death by poisoning has increased sharply.

2. In 2007 the child mortality rate was lower than 60 deaths per 1000.

3. The average family car in the UK goes down in value by 20% per year. This means its value has fallen by more than half after just three years.

4. A typical piece of land on the edge of the city will go up in value by 15 % per year, and house prices have gone up rapidly in the last six months.

5. Business courses have increased greatly in number while science programmes have gone down.

6. The temperature was higher than 45 in some parts of the country during the heatwave.

7. Between 1983 and 2006, the number of this species of condor went up from 22 pairs to 273. Other bird populations have gone up by two times in the same period.

8. The numbers of old soldiers attending regimental reunions are becoming smaller each year.

Self - work Task

Postgraduates should prepare any kind of chart on their research field and describe it.

Newspaper article summary


Unit 15. Review

In this unit you will:

- to present a presentation using the studied material in your field

- write an essay / project in your field, which will be as admission to the your examination.

- do some review exercises


1. Can you develop thesis statements for the following topics? Remember to decide on the focus of the topic trying to write the thesis statement, and to show your position or opinion about the topic.

Global warming



2. Using rules from the given Units and Appendix 3 analyze the following sentences. How can they be improved?

1. And German National Tourist Board GNTB (2011) climes that the Germany the second most travel destination countries by European tourist in 2010.

2. Tourist expenditures increase tourism revenue in the region, which in turn leads to a chain reaction: flow-income-consumption, etc.

3. Today, Spain receives more than 55 million tourists per year. This means that there are good conditions to economy and industry developing.

4. Hence, the disadvantages of tourism is may be fewer than those in the developing countries but they need a pick-me-up solutions.

5. A lot of people wish to enjoy the beauty of the most famous paintings of Leonardo da Vinci “Mona Lisa”

6. Moreover, the effect of tourism in Italy does not exclude negative impacts like overdevelopment, lack of authentic construction and the displacement of local residents.

7. Local communities are benefited through contribution be tourism to the improvement of the social infrastructure like, libraries, health care institutions, internet cafes, and so on. Schools

8. It seems that tourism is a business that will increase indirectly other sections in the country and this is for the local benefit. Such as transportation system, hospital capacities, hotel and food quality.

3. Complete the commentary with the following words.

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