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points in thesis statement

strong thesis statement is specific and makes point effectively.

Example: Obsessive and excessive xris is us of mntl and physical


Note the following points.

- hr is one key idea.

- The cause nd the effect r distilled in single sentence.

- The rdr gets lr idea of the content, the stance (or viewpoint) nd the rbblb organization of the text from this single sentence.

This suggests that thesis statement is condensed form of the writer's purpose.


3.1 Study the sentences below nd identify the purpose of each. Label each one with the appropriate letter: for bkground information, E for explanation or T for thesis statement.

On sentence contains simple background information, one is n explanation and the other is thesis statement.

1, The bn contains mn nutrients, frm fat to vitamin , as well as caffeine.

2, Although excessive amounts of caffeine n b damaging to health, rnt rsrh indicates that limited amount n b beneficial.

3, It stimulates the brin, aids concentration and may help to limit the effects of rtin diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinsons


Discuss ur answers with another student.


3.2 Read the introduction below and underline the thesis statement. Then answer the questions.

The nly consistent thing about cities is that they r always changing. Classifying and understanding the processes of urban change present problems for geographers and others studying the city. Cities, sin their inctin, have always grdul, piecemeal change through processes of accretion, addition or demolition. This type of hng n b regarded as largely cosmetic and the underlying processes of urbnistin nd the overall structure of the city min largely unaltered, wvr, at rtin periods fundamentally diffeent processes of urbanistin have emerged. The result has bn that the rate of urban change has lerated and new, distinctly different, urbn forms have developed. This occurred, f example, with the urbanisation associated with industrialization in the U in the nineteenth ntur.   Source: Hall, . (2001). Urbn geography. London: Routledge.  

1. How does this thesis statement help to direct the rdr and possibly determine the organization of the text that follows?

2. What functions do other sentences in this introduction rfrm?


The role of the thesis statement in text organization

The thesis statement may also determine the organization of the text. Yu n use the following guidelines to rriv at your thesis statement,

- urn the title of the text into question.

- Distil the answer into n r two sentences.

- lf the title is already question, simply write the answer.

- Ask yourself what ur viewpoint is.


3.3 Write short, four- or five-sentence introduction to topic of your choice

(preferably related to your subject).

The introduction should contain thesis statement,


3.4 mr your introduction with n your teacher will show you.


Unit summary


1. Look at the following titles and consider what ideas you would expect the writer to include in his/her essay?

a) Travelling alone in a foreign country is more beneficial than travelling in a group, because you have the opportunity to experience the new culture more fully.

b) Helping poorer countries to help themselves is more beneficial than giving them financial aid.


Possible ideas to include
Title 1 Title 2


2. From reading the following introduction, which areas would you expect the essay to cover? Make notes in the space provided.

This essay will examine the impact that tourism has had on local employment in the past 10 years, showing that although it has been beneficial particularly for agro-tourism, it has been detrimental to the food industry.






3. Read the text below and then decide which is better paraphrase, (a) or (b)?

Ancient Egypt collapsed in about 2180 bc. Studies conducted of the mud from the River Nile showed that at this time the mountainous regions which feed the Nile suffered from a prolonged drought. This would have had a devastating effect on the ability of Egyptian society to feed itself.

a) The sudden ending of Egyptian civilization over 4,000 years ago was probably caused by changes in the weather in the region to the south. Without the regular river flooding there would not have been enough food.

b) Research into deposits of the Egyptian Nile indicate that a long dry period in the mountains at the rivers source may have led to a lack of water for irrigation around 2180 bc, which was when the collapse of Egyptian society began.


Self-work task

Make a short summary of the topic Discussion: The World today.

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