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Task 4. Writing a bibliography


4.1 Look at the bibliographical entry in the b below. Match the labels 1-10 with

the elements of the bibliographical entry a-j.


1. title of rtil -

2. nm of publisher -

3. date of publication -

4. author's surnm -

5. title of book -

6. editor's surname -

7. place of publication -

8. author's initials -

9. thr editors -

10. shows book is collection of articles -



a b c d e f g Adams, W. M. (1999). Sustainability. In P. Cloke, P. Crang & M. Goodwin (Eds.), Introducing human geographies (pp. 125-129). London: Arnold. h i j  





4.2 Study the rest of the bibliography and check that it has been set out appropriately.

Note: See Appendix 6, Compiling a bibliography, for a brief summary of the APA (American Psychological Association) system of referencing.

Anderson, J.A. (2002, February 5). Going where the big guys dont. BusinessWeek. Retrieved from www.businessweek.com. Cottrell, S. (2008). The study skills handbook. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. Leki, I., & Carson, J. (1997). Completely different worlds: EAP and the writing experiences of ESL students in university courses. TESOL Quarterly, 31(1),39-69.


4.3 There are some problems with the bibliography below. Identify the problems with each entry.

Use the sample bibliography from Ex 131.1 to help you. Check your answers in small groups.

Alan Biham-Boult et al. 1999. People, Places and Themes. Heinemann, pp. 17-22 Africa Recovery E. Harch (2003). [online]. Available from: www.africarecovery.org Accessed 18 May 2004 P. Newman, Transport: reducing automobile dependence. In D. Saterwaite (ed.) The Earthscan Reader in Sustainable Cities. Earthscan Publication pp 67-92(1999)



Unit summary

1. Mark each of these parts of an academic text with U, for I udrstnd exactly what this is nd n recognize it, or D, for I dn't really understand what this mns.

. introduction -

b. rfrn -

. quotation -

d. bibliography -

. contents page -

f. min title page -

g. subtitle -

h. figure / table -

i. conclusion -

j. abstract -

2.Use one book, one article and one website that you are planning to use for your project, and fill in the bibliographical information using the sample bibliography from Ex.4.1.

Self work task:

Make a short summary of the topic A Changing World.


Unit 5. Developing your project

In this unit you will:

- learn about the process of writing

- learn about the features of abstracts and their purpose

- practice selecting information from websites


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