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Exercise 3.1. Read the advertisement Grown up Pink and state which principles of poetic structure cohesion are used in it. What effect is achieved?



To the women everywhere,

Banish the black, burn the blue and bury the beige.

From now on, girls, think pink!

Think pink when you shop for summer clothes,

Think pink. Think pink if you want that quelquechose.

Red is dead, blue is through, green is obscene, brown’s taboo.

And there is not a slightest excuse for plum and puce or chartreuse.

Think pink! Forget that Dior says, “black and rust.’

Think pink! Who cares if the New Look has no bust?

Now I wouldn’t presume to tell a woman what a woman ought to think.

But tell her if she gotta think, think pink!

Pink for bags, pink for shoes, razzle, dazzle and spread the news

That pink’s for the lady with joie de vivre.

Pink’s for the family.

Try pink shampoo,

Pink toothpaste too.

/Cosmopolitan, April 1994/


Exercise 3.2. Here is another advertisement, in which the manufacturers have resorted to a very unusual way of making female customers buy their product. What is unusual about it? What principle of poetic structure cohesion is used for the purpose?



I am your skin’s strength.

Rely on me.

I am the Skincare/


I come from the advanced laboratories of Shiseido. What I do is complex, but basically I strengthen stressed skin and optimize epidermal-dermal communication. I am source of strength for the future of your skin, and, as such, I promise to strengthen your stressed skin and keep you looking younger far into the future. Please, use me daily. Learn more about

The Skincare at www.shiseido.com

/Marie Claire, June 2000/


Exercise 3.3. You will read two film reviews, which aim at enthralling the public. What principles of poetic structure cohesion create this effect?


A.Julia Roberts, Dermot Mulroney, Cameron Diaz and Rupert Everett star in MY BEST FRIEND”S WEDDING, a high-spirited romantic comedy that serves up something wild, something truly hilarious. Roberts dazzles as commitment-shy Jules Potter, who reluctantly realizes she is in love with her best friend Michael (Mulroney). There is just one catch: he is about to marry someone else. Comically crazed and full of devious plans, Jules will do anything to steal him back… except tell him the simple truth. “An enchanting romantic comedy. The entire cast is smashing.” /Gene Shalit, Today Show/ [65]

B.What if angels walked among us, and one of them fell in love with one of us?

Two of the brightest stars in the Hollywood constellation spark the biggest romance under the heavens in CITY OF ANGELS, “a lyrical, unabashedly romantic film that earns its wings.” (David Ansen, Newsweek). Nicolas Cage is Seth, an angel who must decide if he’ll forsake his immortality and become human – on the chance that the woman of his dreams might love him. That woman is Maggie (Meg Ryan), a pragmatic heart surgeon who doesn’t believe in angels... until she meats Seth. Will love be their mutual destiny? Will they take the risk that shape that destiny? The choice is theirs to make. The movie is yours to see, share and sweep you away [66]


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