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LOOKING for WORK in the 21st CENTURY



«Every job is a self-portrait of the person who does it » unknown



1. Give your comment on the given above saying.

2. Where do people usually find out about job openings? Make a list of the places.

3. How do people prepare for a career? What do they need to take?

4. Have you ever gone job hunting? If so, what steps did you take?

5. Do you really know what your “dream job” is? If so, what will you need to do to get it?


Part I

- Read the following paragraphs, and after each paragraph write its topic and the main idea.

- Make up a summary of the text. Remember that a summary is shorter than the original.


LOOKING for WORK in the 21st CENTURY

A Not very long ago, when people needed to find a job, there were several possible steps. They might begin with a look through the classified ads in the newspaper. They could go to the personnel office at various companies and fill out an application, or they could go to an employment agency. They could even find out about a job opening through word-to-mouth – from another person who had heard about it.
  Topic:____________________________________________________________   Main idea: _________________________________________________________   __________________________________________________________________  
B These days, job hunting is more complicated. The first step is to determine what kind of job you want (which sounds easier than it is) and make sure that you have the right education for it. Rapid changes in technology and science are creating many professions that never existed until recently. It is important to learn about them because one might be the perfect profession for you. The fastest-growing areas for new jobs are in computer technology and health services. Jobs in these fields usually require specific skills, but you need to find out exactly which skills and which degrees are necessary. For example, it may be surprising to learn that in the sciences, an M.S. is more marketable than a Ph.D.! in other words, there are more jobs available for people with a Master of Science degree than with a doctorate. (However, people who want to research still need a Ph.D.)
  Topic:____________________________________________________________   Main idea: _________________________________________________________   __________________________________________________________________  
C How do people learn about “hot” new professions? How do they discover their “dream job”? Many people these days go to a career counselor. In some countries, job hopping has become so common that career counseling is now “big business”. People sometimes spend large amounts of money for this advice. In Canada and the United States, high school and college students often have access to free vocational counseling services on campus. There is even a career organization, the Five O’clock Club, which helps members to set goals. Members focus on this question: what sort of person do you want to be years from now? The members then plan their careers around that goal. All career counselors – private or public – agree on one basic point: it is important for people to find a career that they love. Everyone should be able to think, “I’m having such a good time. I can’t believe they’re paying me to do this.”
  Topic:____________________________________________________________   Main idea: _________________________________________________________   __________________________________________________________________  
D After people have determined what their dream job is, they need to find it. The biggest change in job hunting these days is the use of the Internet. More and more employers are advertising job openings on their computer websites. More and more job hunters are applying for jobs online. There are also several thousand job boards, among them HotJobs.com, Jobsjobsjobs.com, and Monster.com. Some people think that online job hunting is only for people in technology fields, but this isn’t true. Over 65 percent of online job seekers are from nontechnical fields. Even truck drivers now find jobs on the Internet!
  Topic:____________________________________________________________   Main idea: _________________________________________________________   __________________________________________________________________  
E So how does this work? A job seeker can apply to a “Help Wanted” notice on a company’s website. This person can also post his or her resume (page with information about education and work experience) on one – or many – of the online boards. If a company is interested, the person still has to take the next step the old-fashioned way – actually go to the job interview and perhaps take a skills test. However, even this might soon change. In the near future, companies will be able to give the person a skills test and check his or her background (job history and education) online. But what about the interview? Companies will soon be able the person by videolink, so people can interview for jobs in other cities – or even other countries – without leaving home. Clearly, job hunting is not what it used to be.
  Topic:____________________________________________________________   Main idea: _________________________________________________________   __________________________________________________________________  


- Look back at the text to find the meaning of the following pronouns. What does each pronoun refer to?

they (Paragraph A, line 2)  
them (Paragraph B, line 11)  
it (Paragraph D, line 32)  
them (Paragraph D, line 36)  
this (Paragraph E, line 45)  
it (Paragraph E, line 50)  


Part II

1.Previewing the topic. Read the statements. How much do you agree or disagree? Discuss your answers with your classmates.

strongly agree agree disagree strongly disagree  
Enjoying your work is more important than making a lot of money.
Working with a lot of people is better than working alone.
Working from home is better than working at an office.
Working indoors is better than working outside.


2.Previewing vocabulary: Read the words and phrases and their definitions listed below. Then complete the sentences using these words and phrases.

advice: suggestions about what to do

career: the kind of work a person does, usually after learning how and usually for a long time

expert: a person who knows a lot about something

hire:to give someone a job

interview:a conversation where a person looking for a job is asked a lot of questions by a person looking for a new worker

manager:the person in charge of a group of workers

out of work: having no job

resume:a piece of paper with your work and education history

rewards:good things you get in return for work (such as money or health insurance)

skill: something that you can do well; ability

update: to change by putting in new information

want ads:advertisements, usually in a newspaper, for jobs that are available

1) In 1930, jobs were hard to find. Almost 25 percent of all Americans were ____________.

2) He has fifteen years of experience working with electric cars. Many people think he’s a(n) ___________.

3) He’s had many different jobs, but only one _____________. I other words, he’s worked in many different schools, but he’s always been a teacher.

4) Most companies ask for a(n)___________ so they can read about you before they talk to you in person.

5) She sells a lot of her paintings. She has a lot of _____________ as an artist and a businesswoman.

6) She was offered two jobs at the same time. She didn’t know what to do. So she asked me for ____________.

7) Let’s __________Katlyn. She has the most experience. She will be a great teacher.

8) She needed a job, so she decided to look at the __________.

9) The __________ of her job just weren’t enough. She was happy with the work, but she wasn’t making enough money.

10) When looking for a job, it’s important to __________ your resume. Write down your most recent jobs and education.

11) She was a computer programmer for ten years. Then she became a(n) ___________. Suddenly, she had to lead all the people she used to work with.

12) Kristin had a(n) ___________ for a job yesterday. She was very nervous, but I think she got the job.


3.Reading the text. Imagine you are not satisfied with your job. You decide to job hunt – that is, to look for a new job. With a partner write a list of things you might do to find a job.


2. _______________________________________________________

3. ________________________________________________________




8. ________________________________________________________


Now learn what a professional has to say about this topic. Read ‘Finding the Ideal Job,’ a book review of What Color Is Your Parachute?


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