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Marcus Junius Brutus, 8542 B.C4 Gaius LonginusCassius, d, 42 B.C.

These two Roman generals were the leaders of conspiracy to murder Julius Caesar, the man who invaded Britain and was one of the greatest Roman generals. Both had distinguished careers, having been promised governorships by Caesar. One was even a personal friend of Caesar's but was convinced by the other that Caesar, who by then was dictator of Rome, was a tyrant who must be got rid of, On the Ides (15lh) of March 44 B.C. Caesar was stabbed to death on the steps of the Capitol, the senate house of Rome, both men taking part in the murder. Unfortunately, the conspiracy then began to crumble and the two generals fled to Macedonia to raise an army. They were defeated at the battle of Philip by Caesar's nephew Octavian and Roman military hero Mark Anthony. After the battle one committed suicide, while the other ordered his servant to kill him.

Caligula, A.D. 1241

This Roman Emperor will always be remembered for his great cruelty and love of bloodshed. On one occasion, at one of the famous games, at which the gladiators performed, he is said to have remarked that he wished that the Roman people had only one neck so that he could kill them all with one blow. There is little doubt this his extreme cruelty was due to madness, as he started his reign in a very reasonable way. However, after a strange illness, he began

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to act as though insane and declared himself a god and even gave his horse a high public office. In the end he was murdered by a member of his own bodyguard as he left the games on 24th January AJD. 41_

Colonia Agrippina, A.D- 1659

As Roman empress, married to the emperor Claudius, she is remembered mostly for having poisoned him in A.D. 54 in order for her son, Nero to take the throne. The sister of Caligula and a cruel and ambitious woman, she is said to have murdered her previous husband as well. In the end she met her death on the orders of Nero, who was tired of being ruled by his mother. The city of her birth on the Rhine was named Colonia Agrippinensis in her honour and is now called Cologne.

Guy Fawkes, 15701606

Guy Fawkes is the best known member of the gang which planned Gunpowder plot of 1605, The originators of the plot were Robert Catesby, Thomas Winter, Thomas Percy and John Wright. Fawkes was only brought in later by Catesby, who knew of his reputation for courage. All were Roman Catholics and their plan was to destroy James I and his Protestant parliament by blowing them up, Percy rented a house next to parliament and later the cellar below the House of Lords. There Fawkes hid thirty-six barrels of gunpowder, covering them with wood and coal. The plot was discovered when one of the conspirators sent a letter to Lord Monteagle in October 1605 asking him not to attend the opening of parliament on 5th November. Suspicions were aroused and on the night of 4lh November Fawkes was arrested in the cellar. He had been given the task of lighting the fuse to set off the explosion. Tortured, he refused to give the names of his fellow conspirators until they had either been killed or captured- He was executed by hanging on 313t January IGOfi.

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