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Describe one of your childhood memories.

You should say:

What is it

When it happened

How it affected you in your life

and explain why you still remember it

Follow-up Questions:
Why childhood is important ?
How did you spend your childhood?
Who was your childhood hero? Did you want to be like him/her?


Possible Answer :
I can still remember lots of thing I did in my childhood and things that happened when I was a child. Sometimes those memories seem so lucid that it seems those events occurred only few days back. Anyway, a childhood memory I can still remember so clearly is the first time when I saw massive death. I was a kid of class three or four then and one day I heard that there had been an accident near our home. My mother asked me whether I want to go or not. I went with her and speculated lots of thing about the accident but when I watched 10 dead people were kept lying in the ground and among them there were 2 kids too, I was devastated about the massive dead scene. I started feeling sick and started vomiting there. My mother took me back to our home and I was ill for about two days.

This memory was important to me because it helped me to think about the life in a different way. I could realize then what the dead is and how fragile our lives are. This memory helped me to grow faster and opened my eyes of vision.

Alternative Answer:
I was born in a beautiful urban area called ..... (say your birthplace name) and the place was full of magic and wonder. I spent my whole childhood there and the place is full with my childhood memories. Childhood, is perhaps, the most magical and beautiful time of our life and I cherish my childhood memory. The one particular memory of my childhood I would never forget is the time I first saw the devastating effect of accident. This event has a significant importance of my life.

Like most other newly school going kids, I wanted to be Superman or Spiderman. The life was full of dreams and fantasy. One day I was walking with my mom and heard from the neighbours that a severe accident has happened nearby. I was bit confused what was it all about. Finally I and mom reached at the place where the accident took place. We saw that people had made a crowd around the victims who were already dead. I observed the dead for the first time in my life. We did not stay there for a long. After returning home I felt sick. Later on I started realizing that our lives are fragile and are not eternal. We all will die someday no matter what we think we are. That event helped me growing up mentally. Not that I become pessimist from the event, but a realization always knocked me. I started changing some of my silly attitudes after the event. I started caring for my parents, relatives, known and unknown people. I learned that our days are numbered and we've to make best use of it. I was so deeply touched that I started praying everyday and became kind to insects and animals. Some people might think that the event was devastating for a kid, but to me, it revealed reality in front of me.

Tips for answering this cue card questions:

Start this cue card with a very brief of your childhood and how much you cherish your childhood. Mention that you have lots of childhood experience and you would like to talk about this particular one.

You can say one of the following positive experiences from your childhood:

1. First day you went to your school.
2. A major ceremony where many people came and you enjoyed it thoroughly.
3. The first exam in your life.
4. A new place you went to visit with your parents.
5. First day you went to a museum, art show.
6. First time you won a sports/ quick competition.
7. First day you came to stay at your school boarding and left home.
8. First time you were successful to swim, ride a bicycle, car.
9. An outstanding performance in arts, music or exam.

If you want to talk about some negative experience or memory of your childhood you can pick one of the following topics as well:

1. One of your close relatives died and you were very sad.
2. You had to watch a devastating incidence that you still can't forget.
3. Your first experience of sinking in water, hit by car, falling from a building etc.
4. Your fight with your neighbouring kids.
5. You had to leave your school and you felt very bad about that.

Similar cue card topics:

1. Describe something interesting you did in your childhood.
2. Talk about a bad experience you have from your childhood.
3. Describe your childhood.
4. Describe a typical day in your life when you a child.



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