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Під час Молодіжного форуму ви познайомились із студентом з країни мову якої ви вивчаєте. Розкажіть йому про розвиток туристичної індустрії в Україні.

TOURIST DEVELOPMENT IN UKRAINE Ukraine is very interesting and perpective country for development of tourism. That is one of the greatest countries of Europe. Ukraine lies in the zone of mixed forests and the steppe zone, has main 5 rivers, its clhnate is moderate-continental. Ukraine is rich in tourist, resort and recreation resources which are located in the Crimea, Odesa on the Black Sea coast, Carpathians (main mountains of Ukraine), the Azov-sea area and a number of internal regions.

Annually the Ukrainian systems of resort centres of tourism and places of rest receive about 8 million Ukrainian citizens and 600 thousand foreign tourists. in Ukrainian practice a general notion is recreation which includes three types of formations - "tourism" - a form of active rest, - "resort" - a form of treatment and "recreation or rest" - as a form of pas Tourist planningformation has such elements: monuments of history and culture, park-monuments, valuable historical buildings, tourist hotels, motels; tourist routes (for all kinds of transport - plane, ship, train, car and tourist pedestrian ways). Its planning has a liner - spatial organization. Resort planningformation has such elements: balneology, buildings, sanaloriurns, pensions, cultural objects, parks, beaches and apartment houses for settimg of the personnel its planning has compact organization and it tooks like a city or a village. Rest planning formation has such elements: green zones, water basin, little rest villages, camps for children, places for sports. Its planning has spreading organization. But all kinds of this formations are connected with one another. Resort-cities, tourist centers, rest zones develop, forming original agglomeration, typical for many seaside areas. They are named Great Yalta, Great Odesa and so on. More than one third of Ukrainian cities boast of historic and cultural heritage, they preserved numerous monuments of architecture, historical centers, paik complexes. For example, in Yalta there is a famous resort and a center of tourism, mere are many buildings of the 19th century, well-preserved fragments of historical urban medium, monuments of the monumental arts. The palace and park ensembles of Yalta are example of the harmony of the mountain landscape, green zones, sea and architecture. The main region of tourist development in Ukraine is a seaside of the Black and Azov Seas. Ukraine has over 25 percent of the Black Sea cost. The ecological problems are very important for this region, because apart from unique resorts and tourist objects it is remarkable for a high level of industrial development, great density of the population (over 200 people per one square kilometer) and valuable arable land. Power generation, machine building, chemical industry play a leading role in the structure of indaslrial production of this region and as a result of worsening of ecological situation a number of resorts and tourist cities on the seaside of the Black Sea have been affected.


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