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Turn the following sentences using the verbs in the Passive Voice according to the Model.

Model: Someone gave him a newspaper- He was given a newspaper. They promised her a new interesting job.- She was promised a new interesting job.

1. I gave him a book to read. 2. My friend showed me the photos. 3. They teach the group five lessons every day. 4. I threw him the ball. 5. The firm sent him a letter. 6. Someone left me a note. 7. The nurse read the children a fairy- tale.


Exercise 4

These are the passive forms of the Present, Past and Future Tenses. Study the sentences. Translate them into Kazakh.

1. Many accidents are caused by dangerous driving. 2. The problem will be discussed later. 3. My sister is being shown a new video . 4. The letter was given to him at once. 5. The director was being interviewed when I came in. 6. The boy has just been sent to bed. 7. A new park will have been laid out by summer. 8. He found out that the house had been sold to a rich businessman. 9. Have you heard the news? The Governor had been shot. 10. Jane did not know about the change of plans. She had not been told.



Exercise 5

A volcano has erupted in southern Italy. It had lain dormant for over 200 years until yesterday. Here is the report from last night's 9 o' clock news . Underline all the examples of the Passive, then using the report complete the sentences.

"Here I am standing on top of a pile of rubble. Yesterday it was a school. It seems that over 2000 people have been found so far. Many hundreds more have still to be traced. The volcano erupted just as every one in this sleepy little town was having breakfast. Some were killed by the blast and the heat. Some were killed when their houses collapsed-they were buried alive in the rubble. Children were killed as they were being driven to school by their parents. Most of the people who died had been born here, and had lived all their lives in this village. The blast was felt 50 miles away. As we look out from this scene of chaos to the beautiful hills and mountains around, it is difficult to believe what has happened. Lives which were happy have been ruined, families which were happy have been split up, a whole community has been destroyed. This is Michael Buck for the 9 o'clock news at the scene of the disaster."


1. Many people have not yet been...

2. Because so many building fell down, lots of people were.... alive.

3. Many of the children were in cars which were being by their parents.

4. The effects of the eruption were....by people living many miles from the scene.

5. The school has been... .

6. Most of the dead were people who had been ... in the area.

7. Because so many families have been ... up, the community has been....

8. It may be weeks before we know how many people have been ... .


Exercise 6.

Sometimes the best way to say what we want to say is to use the Active:

I didn't lose my watch.....

And sometimes the best way to say what we mean is to use the Passive:

It was stolen by someone at the party.

Write a passive sentence in each of the following examples.

1. Her husband didn't die (murder)

2. I didn't jump. (push)

3. Everyone thinks I resigned, but I didn't. (sack)

4. I didn't leave, you know (ask to leave).

5. People think I taught myself to play the guitar. (teach/ by Nurlan).


Exercise 7

Supply the sentences with by or with.

1. The Gondbruch "was directed... Charlie Chaplain.

2. These photos were taken ... a very cheap camera.

3. The gate was opened ... one of the girls.

4. The cake was made ... dried fruit.

5. The cake will be made... my aunt.

6. I was hit ... umbrella.

7. I was hit ... an old lady.

8. The garage was painted ...a new kind of paint.

9. The garage was painted ... a friend of mine.


Exercise 8

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