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Make word combinations, translate them and find them in the text.

travel the only internal name salmon buck salmon chief tide company ethnic newsletter company success agency tags clients doll tickets the tide neighborhood
steamship corporate business computer tactical motif started automation bucker moves
back reporting contemporary excellent obvious company's to focus repeatedly conventional manage senior supporter hiring new associates question manager employee service anybody into account business story office practices stereotypes system of people on our clients
technical nice compensated benefit turnover industry rapid training throughout rate packages averages cyclical friends growth people business skills
conduct travel traditionally Persian seminars training centers Gulf the country
the ongoing huge wage non-managerial scores voluntary cost-saving obvious to follow reduce employees freeze staff layoffs of associates thing recession time off ideas the course


Match the synonyms in the columns. Translate the pairs and find them in the text.

agency CEO book associates back up client supervisor rapid pay ongoing staff ambience contemporary director general continuous manager support atmosphere company customer modern personnel reserve wage fast employees


Match the antonyms in the columns. Translate the pairs and find them in the text.

customer rude ever rapid heard office best with low hire reduce slow scarce associate failure worst without branch expand high polite


8. Form antonyms using negative prefixes un-, in-, il-, im-, ir-, dis-, mis-. Consult the dictionary if necessary.

Dependent, usual, managerial, forgiving, typical, expected.


Make a summary of the text.


Choose the right word from the list below. Mind the forms of the words. Translate the story.


The value of the out-of-home UK leisure __________ has steadily increased over the past few years and signs are encouraging for __________ growth. The industry has benefited from a benign economic __________ , favourable demographics, growth of short breaks and tourism, an increased __________ in health, relaxation and wellbeing, an improved product offer (funded by both public and __________ sector) and more targeted marketing. The industry faces various threats and __________ however, as it continues to expand. These include rising __________ associated with a changing regulatory framework and staff recruitment / training, increasing competition for the leisure pound and __________ from in-home leisure activities. The number of admissions at __________ fell by 1% between 1999 and 2004, while bowling has been on an increase during the same time period but is now also showing a __________ in growth.

Climate, cost, industry, competition, slowdown, interest, future, private, nightclub, challenge.

Give missing derivatives (nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives) from these words and translate them.

Verb Noun Abjective Abverb
to increase      


Fill in the blanks with prepositions from the last below where necessary. Translate the article.

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