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Make word combinations, translate them and find them in the text.

international career tourism global human incredibly outdoor ancillary associated industry concentrate your market's job on the corporate consolidation big players with tourism trends services efforts recreation demands business openings career possibility side diverse industry mode employment make sense
larger gain magazines opportunities
facets of internet career travel writing traditional online interpersonal service cultural tourism different senior transferred across publications corporations skills industry options exposure sensitivity sectors service the business professionals countries level security
mid-level practical advanced obvious downsides restaurant work new much academic economic country's consider their making local communities professionals a profit responsibilities experience credentials economy implications notice jobs certificate wages location benefit evenings
creating fair the environment to the business


Match the synonyms in the columns. Translate the pairs and find them in the text.

solely business possibility council global hop beverage concentrate job opening acquire piece diverse wage internet job locate article trade over the world drink opportunity work focus jump various board salary alone location buy web job option


Match the antonyms in the columns. Translate the pairs and find them in the text.

diverse major outdoor gain supply more increase senior level decrease full time lose downside indoor similar high entry level
part-time low benefit local demand international less minor


7. Form antonyms using negative prefixes un-, in-, il-, im-, ir-, dis-, mis-. Consult the dictionary if necessary.

Possible, fair, responsibility, to lead, interesting.


Retell the text.

Choose the right word from the list below. Mind the forms of, the words. Translate the article.


Weekends __________ many workers a much-needed chance to relax and recharge unless they __________ in the catering business. That's because Saturdays and Sundays are usually prime __________ for catered events. In fact, for catering workers, many of whom are students and stay-at-home __________ in need of flexible schedules, weekend and __________ hours are made to order. So if you like to mingle with __________ , prefer a flexible work schedule and favor an active work __________ , the catering industry may be right for you.

A Flexible Job

Catering jobs come in all __________ shapes and sizes, according to Bill Hansen, president of Miami-based Bill's Catering and Leading __________ of America. "There are jobs in halls, off-premises caterers that cater in a variety of arenas, as well as home-party caterers," he says. What's more, the catering industry offers hourly workers much more __________ than the restaurant business does. Once you begin to work for a catering firm, you can pick and __________ when you want to work," he says, adding that being available at a moment's notice can __________ you land assignments.

Stranger, parent, caterer, banquet, time, evening, environment, flexibility, to help, to offer, to work, to choose, different.


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